The Ding’s @ The Hub SS2, P.J

Constantly appeared in my Instagram feed as sponsored post and I would say it was a rather successfully marketing strategy because I’ve chosen The Ding’s as lunch venue for my birthday celebration this year with my Makan Kaki.


The restaurant has a clean minimalist interior paired with soothing earthy tone that’s capable to put people at ease.


The menu showcased a good selection of their traditional hand-pulled noodles (Mian Xian) with assorted combination of pairings such as seafood, dumplings, pork Schnitzels, meat balls, beef and mushrooms. There are rice dishes too such as soy sauce chicken, Tori no Karaage, curry with chicken katsu, honey with pork cutlet and a few more. Light bites like stuffed Tau Bok, honey pork Mantau, crispy fish skin, Hockchew balls in sake broth and others are good to be ordered as appetizers.

Grouper Fish Head Noodles (RM33.90)

Served in a cash iron cauldron with burner underneath, the fish head noodles which was available only for limited period was a good portion to be shared by 2-3 persons.

Filled to the brim with fried fish head chunks, bean curd, bean curd puffs and tomato in milky broth, with a small cup of liquor served aside. The fried fish head was a tad too boney for my liking and it was a bit over-fried rendering a rather dry texture of the flesh. The broth was quite mild tasting even after the liquor was added. It had a delicate milky umami flavour laced with light sour tang from the pickled mustard green and tomato.


Sake + Noodle + Clams (RM18.90)
Sake infused broth is one of their signature and this combination of hand-pulled Mian Xian, mild Sake broth, mushroom, clams and Kampung lava egg was definitely a good choice if one need some comfort food.


Dry Noodle + Pork Schnitzels (RM16.90)

Sake + Noodle + Pork Schnitzels (RM18.90)

Both Mian Xian (thick & thin version) had smooth slippery texture, very slurpilicious indeed. Pork Schnitzels portion was quite generous with adequately crispy breaded outer and tender meat.


Stir Fried Pork + Calrose Rice (RM19.90)

Thin pork slices stir fried with sweet savoury sauce and plenty of onions, went well with the rice.


Crispy + Tori no Karaage (RM16.90)

Crunchy and flavourful Sake marinated chicken tenders, thumbs up for this!


Verdict: Good food good portion, wallet friendly and comfortable dining environment, certainly love to make a return if I need simple comfort food like these.


The Ding’s

Lot-A-G-03a, The HUB SS2, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19 

46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-016-260 0038



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