Backofen @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Whenever I think of affordable good food, Backofen definitely the first restaurant that furnish a snap into my mind. Located at the F&B hub of Desa Sri Hartamas, Backofen has been around for a long time. What makes it still stand strong despite the competitive market around that area? Good food with great value for money undoubtedly the main factor I believe.


The restaurant has adopted a simple setting, the narrow and long space filled with dark tone wooden furniture. No frills but comfortable for an enjoyable dining experience nonetheless.



Cappuccino (RM 5.90)


Iced Peach Tea (RM 4.00)



Grilled Chicken (RM 14.00)

I’m quite surprised at the portion for the price paid, not expecting it to be such a large portion. The huge slab of grilled boneless chicken drumstick was submerged in pool of brown sauce with plenty of sliced mushrooms. The grilled chicken was tender with slightly charred bits edges, went well with the savory mushroom sauce.



Hawaiian Pizza (RM 15.00)

The pizza on the other hand was luckluster, flavors was bland and monotonous but compensated with the copious topping.

Homemade Burger (RM 15.00)

Backofen’s homemade burger comprised of minced beef patty, roasted potato chunks and salad.



The thick beef patty was done nicely, retaining its juiciness while being tender and flavorful thanks to the brilliant marinade. The edges also had slightly charred bits that gave this burger a nice bite.


The roasted potatoes were scream for attention too, delightfully browned before spiced up with some herbs and again the portion was too generous to be handled!



Chicken Stroganoff (RM 15.00)

Chicken Stroganoff with spaghetti won hubby’s heart as every spoonful took he exclaimed “yummy”! Drenched in creamy and rich Stroganoff gravy, it was savory with subtle hint of sourness which was pretty appetizing and addictive. The amount of the gravy was sufficient to coat evenly every strand of those spaghetti.


Since we like this place so much, we went back again for breakfast 😛


Backofen Big Breakfast (RM 18.00)

A pretty standard stuffs on the breakfast platter, eggs of your choice, bread with butter, baked beans, sausage, chicken ham, hash brown and salad.



The breakfast came with coffee and orange juice, indeed a worthy set to kick start your day.



Mushroom Omelet (RM 9.00)


The omelet was filled with abundance of mushrooms however it was slightly overcooked for my liking, I prefer mine to be moist and fluffy.



Plain Fluffy Ones (RM 6.00)

A tall stack of three pieces extremely thick pancake dusted with icing sugar served with honey and butter. Definitely the thickest pancake I’ve ever seen but the fluffiness pass with flying colours. As a pancake fan, I was satiated.



Backofen also offers wide variety of pastries and cakes although it’s quite impossible for one to have dessert after the gargantuan portion mains but being hoggish that day 3 of us (hubby, daughter and myself) shared a dainty piece of chocolate tart.



Chocolate Tart (RM 5.00)

Layers of chocolate sponge cake and mousse was topped with dark chocolate, not entirely sweet with hints of pleasurable bitterness.



Chocolate Eclair (RM 1.50)


Cream Puff (RM 1.50)

We also tried other items which were unbelievable affordable priced.
Verdict: Backofen indeed a hidden gem that deserves more recognition. If you are looking for a restaurant serve decent food with affordable price tag, this place definitely would do you fine.




34, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas

50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-23006676 / +6016-2239002


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