Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine @ Sunway Pyramid

Perpetually packed and there’s always a queue forming in front of Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine at The Gardens, it’s not difficult to see why. They serve pretty good Taiwanese food and reasonably priced too. 

We were at Sunway Pyramid one weekend and quite surprise to find that there was no waiting queue at Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine, so we chose to have our lunch here.


The restaurant was as busy as usual, brimming with a robust lunch crowd. It has a brightly lit dining area, themed in soothing earthy tone with simple cushioned chairs and wooden tables. Minimalist in decor and the Chinese style stained glass panels walls added oriental charm to the overall setting. Tables are cramped within the space, just like its outlet at The Gardens, a little too close for comfort. >_<


Hot Rose Oolong Tea (RM15.00)

Prices of beverages are on high side, hubby and I always share this tea in pot which can be refilled.


Chicken with Scallion Sauce Set (RM27.80)

The set comprised of a portion of poached chicken, soup, appetizers and a bowl of braised pork rice.


The poached chicken (quarter chicken I supposed) with scallion sauce was delicious. Adequately tender, the poultry was doused with aromatic soy sauce and sesame oil concoction, further perfumed with plenty of spring onions. 


The braised pork rice (Lu Rou Fan) was a bit letdown because I would have appreciated Taiwanese rice instead of local rice which is short-grained and more glutinous. (It’s a Taiwanese restaurant after all =.=”)


BBQ Pork Set (RM27.80)

This set also came with the mains, soup, rice and appetizers (dishes were different with the chicken set).


From the appearance, the BBQ pork more like fried pork chop judged from its batter coating, but I might be wrong. Anyway, the pork pieces were moreish with sweet and savoury sauce. The flavour is common but it is a combination that can’t go wrong for everyone. The accompanied kimchi provided a pleasant acidity note to cut through the meatiness. 


We were given different types of soup and both were generously filled with ingredients.


Sweet Potato Balls (RM10.80)

These sweet potato balls were not our usual one with mushy filling. They had nice crispy outer with chewy and airy interior, I like this rendition nonetheless. 


Baked Sausage (RM11.30)

The sausage had quite an overwhelming wine taste that we’re not used to. 


Verdict: Definitely hits and misses on food, but overall I still willing to revisit as the food is quite suit my taste bud (based on my few visits). Oh ya, reminder to all, Fong Lye only accept cash payment, so prepare enough cash if you plan to dine in here. ^__*


Fong Lye Taiwan Cuisine

LG 1.43A, LG1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jalan PJS11/15

46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-5633 3699

Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm, daily


Lot T208, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra

59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2283 2889

Operating Hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm, daily


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