>Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant (KNK)

>Desa Sri Hartamas definitely a correct place when you craving for some Korean food because Korean restaurant can easily found here. Among those uncountable, I choose KNK because of recommendation of shell.

Dwelled at quite a cryptic part of Desa Sri Hartamas.

Most of the patrons are Japanese & Korean.

Condiments on every tables – cabbage, garlic , lemon & soy sauce.
Don’t expect they will serve free & refillable side dishes like other Korean restaurant that you visited before, this were only the freebie they gave…*sigh*

charcoal grill with iron net….is it authentic style of Korean BBQ?

Green Tea & Rice Tea -RM 3.00 each

Kimchi – RM 6.00
Taste quite bland, not spicy & not sour at all….

Egg soup – RM 5.00
For niece who came along…

Beef – RM 25.00
Well marinated, best among the meats that we order. They provide different type and part of beef eg : tongue, sirloin…

Lamb rack – RM 23.00
A bit fat & not much flesh.

Chicken – RM 15.00
Not recommended to order this because it taste really normal but since mom & hubby didn’t take beef so we have to order this too….

Garlic Chives Pan Cake – RM 15.00

OMG, somebody please put out the fire!!!
When this happen…….

you will get this….super burnt meat *sigh*

Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant
No. 38, Jalan 28/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-23008829
(near Souled Out)

Business hours
Lunch : 12.00pm ~ 2.30pm (Except Sunday)
Dinner : 6.00pm ~ 10.30pm (Daily)


  • >the beed look yummy…

  • >hartamas there got many many korean restaurant!!! how come de?

  • >mimi… i think this place is Japanese leh 🙂

  • >Based on the name that is. But it does look like a typical Korean BBQ place.

  • >yea, the BBQ style looks more Jap than Korean to me..

    + my impression on a typical Korean BBQ restaurant is that they will serve u the grilled food, unless u wanna do it on ur own.

    my favourite Korean restaurants are all located in Ampang 😀

  • >squall : best among the others

    weiwei : mayb there is alot of Korean live in that area…

    wye jon :confused… >.< pris : Ya, Ampang have a lot of nice Korean restaurant…mini Korean Village..

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving

    >korean or jap wor?? u normally wouldnt see the two together eating in the same roof..well now more liberal la..

    n i think i see the words “ri ben” aka Japan..doubt its korean wor..

  • >joe :got chinese word日本式(Japanese style) but also got English word “Korean BBQ”…. *scratch head*

  • JeromeFo令狐冲

    >All the food price is quite reasonable…But the price of Green Tea & Rice Tea [ -RM 3.00 each ] abit too much =S

  • >a very confused restaurant indeed…>.<"

  • >jerofemo : but can refill mah…hehe

    ling : no need to care whether is Korean or Japanese style, as long as they serve good food.. 😛

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