Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow & Ferry Ride @ Penang

Our last stop before heading back to KL was this infamous Char Koay Teow at Heng Huat Cafe, Lorong Selamat, Georgetown.



Manned by an auntie which always wearing a red beret and notorious for her arrogance and temperamental responses towards customers.

Wait can be quite long according to some reviews but we was lucky that day because we didn’t get any scolding from the auntie and we got our plate of CKT pretty fast too 😛




Sorry I forgot the price I’ve paid for this plate of CKT but I vaguely remember it was cheaper than the Tiger CKT that I had earlier in the morning.

This was indeed a satisfying plate of CKT. Pleasant smoky aroma, adequately moist but not greasy and laden with ingredients such as fresh huge prawns, Chinese waxed sausage, cockles, and crunchy bean sprouts. However the portion was relatively smaller if compared with Klang Valley.



Heng Huat Cafe

108, Lorong Selamat, 10400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.


Thereafter, we decided to take the original way of traveling to & fro at Penang. We took the nostalgic ferry ride back to the mainland. We thought the breeze sea air from the ferry ride will be a perfect end to our glutton-some Penang trip.


Car queuing at Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal to be on boarding to the ferry.




Cars parked systematically on the deck.







The 15 minutes ferry ride allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular view of Penang island and Penang Bridge.


Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal (Island)

First ferry depart : 5.40 a.m
Last ferry depart : 1.00 a.m

Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal (Mainland)
First ferry depart : 5.20 a.m
Last ferry depart : 12.40 a.m

Ferry Rate: RM 7.70 / Motorcar



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