Melbourne Trip 2019 ~ Hosier Lane

A visit to Melbourne is not complete without exploring the city’s street arts! You don’t even have to try hard as the city is already filled with amazing graffiti and street paintings and one of the famous streets is Hosier Lane. 

A little bit about Hosier Lane before I’m bombing you with lots of photos of the street and myself. (・ωー)~☆


Hosier Lane is 2 minute walk from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square, and runs between Flinders St and Collins St.

Both sides of the wall of this bluestone laneway is filled with sophisticated graffiti created by local and international artists alike which has made the Melbourne urban art scene known across the globe. The laneway is constantly changing and no two visits will be the same. It is a site to behold even if you aren’t a fan of the graffiti movement.

Other spots worth exploring for street arts are Union Lane, ACDC Lane, Degrave Street and Croft Alley in Chinatown.



Graffiti even on the rubbish bins and someone insisted to take photo here which he thought was very cool, LOL


Someone was trying hard to act cool here. (>﹏<)


Okay, last photo of me 😛


As one of the most iconic tourist spots in Melbourne, do expect the crowd and photo bombed by visitors. (T_T)


There are cafes and bars on Hosier Lane too. Have a drink at Bar Tini, a popular pre-gig drink spot for the nearby Forum Theatre crowd or Movida which said to be one of the city’s best tapas restaurants.


Verdict: Exploring Hosier Lane street art undoubted an iconic thing to do in Melbourne. The colourful and vibrant mural made a perfect spot for your Instagram-perfect photos!


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