Industry Beans @ Fitzroy, Melbourne

It’s been a while since my last Melbourne travelogue post, so let’s continue! There are still 2-3 posts to complete my 10 days Melbourne trip travelogue, so Ganbatte Kudasai                                    \\٩( ‘ω’ )و ///

Before we had our leisure stroll at Fitzroy neighbourhood and chanced upon Lune Croissanterie, we had breakfast at Industry Beans, a reputable coffee roastery, cafe and brew bar.  


We were greeted by this scene when we reached there circa 11am with a few groups of customers in the queue. While hubby was waiting for table, Sam and I took the opportunity to explore the surroundings but just a short 10 minutes as I received text from hubby told me that table was ready for us.


A beautiful outdoor seating area at the terrace with drapery greens decorating the space. Definitely would like to be seated here, if the weather wasn’t that cold.  *freezing


The interior was a long narrow space with an open kitchen occupied half of the area and long communal tables as well as high tables and chairs arranged neatly on the other side. The tall, narrow dining space was inspired by the intimacy of Melbourne’s laneways, according to the cafe’s architect – Matt Rawlins.


The decor is casual and simple, with traits of urban industrial design. The black-painted pallets wall above the galley kitchen and the tall ceiling provide warmth and texture within an industrial setting. The use of the painted pallets also extended to the outdoor which created an enclosed dining area on the warehouse’s concrete forecourt. The design won several interior design awards in 2014.


Roastery and coffee storage area took up the space the back of the dining hall. 


Espresso + Milk (AU$4.50)

Coffee was certainly spot on! They had impressive selection of espresso, pour-over, aeropress, or cold drip. Coffee beans, coffee brewing equipment and artisan food products (granola, brownie) and gift packs are available for sale too.


Plain Croissant

Buttery and flaky, no complaint on this. They served a collections of homemade baked goods such as muffins, brownies and energy balls.


Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Burger (AU$23.00) + Bacon (AU$4.00)

Sit on bed of mesclun salad, the highly anticipated Wagyu beef burger didn’t impress us as much as we thought it would. Layered in between the brioche bun were beef patty, chili jam, melted cheddar, pickled zucchini and bacon. The flavours of the main component – coffee rubbed Wagyu beef patty was a little subdued, and the expected coffee taste was almost not existing. I like the texture though, not too finely minced, with good bite of the meat. I might have too high expectation on the “WAGYU BEEF”, but it did not mind blowing, as though it was just an ordinary beef burger.


Egg and Relish (AU$12.00)

Choices of scrambled, poached or fried egg on sourdough, served along with beetroot relish. Love the generous portion, cooked to perfection, fluffy, tender scrambled egg studded with herbs. The beetroot relish not only incited the taste bud but also imparted an appetizing acidity to the dish.


Verdict: Overall it was a decent brunch session, I like the energetic ambience and of this place. Food was just average, perhaps we made wrong choices as majority of the reviews were good.


Industry Beans

3/62 Rose Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Tel: +61 3 9417 1034

Operating hours: Weekdays 7am – 3pm | Weekends 8am – 3pm




Fitzroy is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km north-east of the city’s Central Business District (CBD). It is a lively suburb with a bohemian reputation, Fitzroy’s eclectic bars and restaurants are popular with students, weekenders and young professionals. Street art covers the narrow backstreets, where small galleries sit alongside corner pubs and terrace houses. 


The Fitzroy Mills Market on every Saturday with a variety of artisan vendors selling organic produces, cheese, baked goods, skincare products, crafts and more. There’s also live music and other entertainment and dogs are welcome too. Look at the big shepherd Sam was petting!  


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