Menya Shi Shi Do @ Jaya One, P.J

It’s so sad to find out that our favourite Ramen restaurant at 1 Mont Kiara  was replaced by another restaurant (which happen to be another Ramen joint offers pork + fish bone broth).

Everyone has their own benchmark for a good bowl Ramen. Some emphasize on the flavour of the broth and some might think that the texture of the noodles or quality of the ingredients such as Chasu are important element to concoct a perfect bowl of Ramen. Hubby and I are certainly the former, how about you?


We recently paid Menya Shi Shi Do a visit after passed by this Ramen restaurant nestled in Jaya One for numerous times. This place is often thronged with people during weekends and we were lucky to get a table without waiting on that day.

Setting was simple with wooden tables and stools arranged neatly at the walkway of the mall as well as “in” the restaurant. Japanese inspired decoration such as red lanterns, Japanese posters and traditional masks adorning the walls.


Hot Green Tea (RM2.50)


Menya Shi Shi Do offers wide variety of combinations for soup base in their menu which included single flavour soup namely Shiro (pork soup), Kuro (black garlic pork soup), Aka (spicy pork soup), Ki (curry pork soup), Midori (basil pork soup), Thunder (pepper spicy pork soup). If the single flavour cannot satisfy your palate, get the double flavour such as Kuro + Midori, Kuro + Ki, Aka + Ki, Kuro + Thunder and Aka + Midori. For those who have adventurous taste bud and up for some unique tastes, try their Triple flavour! My friend also told me that the Lemon Tonkotsu is worth trying too.

More choices like Tsukemen and rice dishes such as deep fried chicken rice, Japanese curry with rice, ginger pork rice and others are available in the menu as well.

Shiro Ajitama Chasu Ramen (RM23.00)

A rather basic bowl of Ramen with a piece of pork shoulder Chasu, one egg, shredded wood ear fungus and generous amount of chopped spring onion. The milky pork bone broth was less creamy and the flavour also paled in comparison with other Ramen that I’ve tried. The thin cut Chasu was a bit missed the mark for its unpleasant gamey taste.


Noodles and egg were perfectly executed.


Kuro Shi Shi Ramen (RM25.00)

Shi Shi Ramen came with two pieces of pork shoulder Chasu with other standard  ingredients. The black garlic flavour of the broth was not as pronounced as the one we had at Menya Kamikaze


Kuro + Aka Ajitama Chasu Ramen (RM23.00)

I would say the combination worked well to showcase a fairly satisfying dimension of flavours. The black garlic broth with good notes of spiciness was bold and punchy to get my appetite kicking in full gear.


A whole slab of roasted pork belly, anyone?


Verdict: Our Ramen experience at Menya Shi Shi Do was a bit underwhelming. The food didn’t quite impress us, revisit? Most probably not so soon I think.


Menya Shi Shi Do

Lot 100 P2.039, The School Jaya One, No, 72A, Jalan Universiti

46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7931 7429

Operating hours: 11.00am to 9.30pm, daily



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