Original Loh Mee @ Hock Choon Kee, Ulu Yam Lama

Go to Ulu Yam and  not trying the famous lor mee would be sacrilegious, so before heading to Hutan Lipur Sungai Sendat, we stopped by Hock Choon Kee Coffee Shop & Restaurant for lunch. Try to Google and the search results will be aplenty for lor me recommendations at this area but since Hock Choon Kee claimed that they are the founder of lor mee and the home made noodle definitely the attracting point!



Nestled in the village, the facade of Hock Choon Kee might looks slightly shabby but the food outshine the environment by miles!



Typical kopitiam setting, seats available for both indoor and outdoor & equipped with a few ceiling fans to ensure the patrons can dine in comfortably.



Iced Chinese tea is a must when dining at non air-conditioned restaurant :-]



Lor Mee


Appeared in extremely dark colour, the hand made noodle was fabulously springy with al-dente texture which I really like. No alkaline taste was detected too in the noodle which very common in most of the yellow thick noodle aka “dai loke mien”. The thick broth, despite the dark hue,  it didn’t have overpowering acidic taste of vinegar. For those who prefer stronger taste, vinegar and sambal is provided too. I hardly categorized to be a lor mee lover but I find myself slurping this happily.



Hokkien Mee


The Hokkien mee version was equally tantalizing too! The thick strands of noodles were well braised in dark aromatic soy sauce laden with the essential pork lard. Really can’t resist this, oh my here gone my diet plan again ~>_<~



Fried Fish Cake & Fu Chuk

Pipping hot! Bouncy yet compact texture of the fish cake and the extremely crunchy fried bean curd sheet roll, definitely an indulgence worthy of every calories it packed!


Verdict: I was largely contented with my meal here at Hock Choon Kee, revisit definitely is a must!


Hock Choon Kee
22, Jalan Besar, Ulu Yam Lama, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor.
Tel: +6012-676 8380 / +6017- 283 0738


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