Patisserie Boutique @ Ipoh, Perak

During my last visit to Ipoh, I found that stay one night is definitely not enough! Walk along the historical row of  shoplots at Jalan Sultan Yusof, Ipoh Old Town, I was enthralled by the astounding facade of the cafes such as Burps & Giggles, Roquette Cafe, Buku Tiga Lima & Missing Marbles, just to name a few.  My lunch before checking in into Tune Hotel was settled at Patisserie Boutique, one of the Parisian themed cafe located at Jalan Sultan Yusof.



I never been to Paris but the soaring high glass panels and the potted plants placed at walkway somehow leave an impression that I was walking on street of Paris 😛  #someonepleasebringmetoparis



The limited space of this cafe might not be too accommodating for large group so be expected for table waiting. There are two dining areas, one with black & white theme as shown as above adorning with some Paris inspired murals.



The Eiffel Tower



Place your order here and the waiter will serve the food to your table.




Another smaller dining area with only 3 tables with worn & exposed bricks walls. Thumbs up for the cafe owner for remaining the original wall of this heritage building which blended harmonically with the new design.



Arc de Triomphe on the wall~



Little corner with wine bottles and small decorative items.


The menu was quite simple with limited choices of coffee, tea, fruit juices, bottle drinks, appetizers, pasta(less than 10 choices) & desserts.


Latte (RM 8.00)

A “pretty” 3 layered latte, matched perfectly with the blue wall at background! Decent and no complaint from him 😛



Honey Lemon (RM 7.00)

Perfect thirst quencher but I wish it can be bigger in serving as I’ve finished it by only 2 sips >_<



Granny’s Chicken Lasagna (RM 18.00)

The appearance might look like a  mess here, but the taste definitely outdoes the look!


Infused with tangy tomato sauce, the layers of pasta and minced chicken hinted with fresh grounded herbs was scrumptious. The dish was well seasoned and brought a sensation of comfort food at its best!



Smoked Duck Aglio Olio (RM 18.00)

Simply tossed with olive oil, crushed black pepper and herbs, the pasta was equally well executed. The generous serving of smoked duck slices which is rarely seen at most of the eatery at Klang Valley definitely one of the plus point 😛


Verdict: Definitely willing to come back if I visit Ipoh again, for their desserts particularly which is their forte as per their suggested name “Patisserie” which means bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets in French.



Patisserie Boutique

103 Jalan Sultan Yussuf,  Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: +605-241-1385
Business Hour: 11am-6pm (Close on Tuesdays)



  • I think Ipoh has a lot of cafes sprouting out recently!

  • yeah, you are right!! the first time i went Ipoh, i just stayed one night (cos i thought enough) but then i was wrong, cannot even eat all the nice food recommended (stomach also got quota mah).. so the second time, two nights, aiyoh, still not enough.. Ipoh really lots of nice food lah~~

  • Oh wow this place looks so beautiful! It seems like Ipoh has caught on to the cafe craze!

  • I’ve heard good reviews about Patisserie Boutique in Ipoh, so I decided to try it out. Since it’s a public holiday , I called up to enquire if I could make a reservation. The person who answered my call from PB said yes and asked me the time and number of guests. I arrived PB at the reserved time, thinking that I’d get a table. Unfortunately, I was told there are no vacant tables. Then came the waitress who took my phone reservation. These are her exact words: “actually it’s the first on the list who gets the table first”. I’m assuming she meant first come first served”. I’m so lost for words from her poor communication skills. I just left and went somewhere else. Anyway, rant over. Have a nice day!

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