Restoran Gold Dragon City 金龙城酒家 @ Taman Paramount, P.J

Old school Chinese dining for my generation means restaurant with red table cloth cover, plenty of Chinese motifs paintings, waiters busy shifting around tables, patrons chatting loudly and of course good old Chinese food.

Well, you can relive the same experience at Restoran Gold Dragon City if you are tired of dining at hispter cafe. 


Dining area on ground floor.

Dining area on upper floor.

Located in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya, Restoran Gold Dragon City 金龙城酒家 is actually not that old school after all! (with white table cloth instead of red)      v( ̄∇ ̄) 

The restaurant is definitely huge with its two floors seating capacity but it was almost fully occupied when we walked in without any reservation on a Sunday evening. But without waiting too long (approximately a few minutes), we were ushered to a table on upper floor and ordering was made in a jiffy.


Steamed Fish (Market Price – RM66.00) 

Sam requested for steamed fish so we got this steamed snapper (? sorry I forgot what fish we had). Although we asked for a smaller size fish, but it was still rather big for us. The fish was simply steamed with soy sauce topped with generous amount of fried union and ginger, as well as fresh coriander. It was fresh and fleshy, steamed to a tender perfection.


Salted Fish Pork Patties (RM20.00)

A very homey dish of deep fried salted fish pork patties which every family has their own recipe for it. Gold Dragon City version yielded thin flatten pork patty studded with aromatic salted fish bits, I especially love the crunchy edges. 


Claypot Mustard Greens & Mung Bean Noodles (RM16.00)

A claypot vegetables dish recommended by the staff, featuring mung bean noodles (Dong Fun), Chinese mustard greens, broccoli, luffa guard and wood ear fungus in savoury brown sauce. It was quite a palate pleasing dish where those ingredients gave different textures and flavours to the bite. I enjoyed the slightly bitterness of the Chinese mustard greens, you will certainly know it if you’re fan of this veggie!

White Rice (RM1.50/pax)


Verdict: Very decent Chinese “Dai Chow” meal and I’ve noticed a few interesting dishes that I would like to try on my next visit. Oh ya, they serve roasted suckling pig too, who wanna join me for dinner? \(^ω^\)


Restoran Gold Dragon City

No.14-16, Jalan 20/16A, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7876 4633 / 7876 8633





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