Superthai Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

I love Thai food! I like the explosion of exotic flavours that excites my palate. I like the distinctive spiciness and sourness from the herbs and spices that made the Thai flavours seemingly inexhaustible. So when friends called for a lunch gathering couple of weeks ago, I suggested Superthai located at Damansara Uptown, which I’ve read good comment from a review.


Occupied first floor of a shotlot in Damansara Uptown, Superthai is a fairly new addition in this area which opened its door since May 2016.


The place isn’t really big but has a great easy-going vibe in its ambience. Yellowish dim light, exposed brick walls, wooden furniture and potted plants placed sparingly that add liveliness to the overall setting.


Their menu features most of the essential Thai dishes such as Tom Yum soup, Basil Minced Meat, Green Curry, Chili Lime Steamed Fish, Pineapple Fried rice as well as some very affordable set meals.

Stuffed Squid (RM29.00)

Two sizeable squids stuffed with filling of minced pork and prawns infused with herbs and spices swam in broth of chili lime concoction. The squids were cooked just nice with the rice texture and the meat filling was delicious too. The broth had a bold flavours of spicy, sour and savory and the minced coriander really took this dish to another level of enjoyment. One of their signature dish and definitely a show-stopper worth returning for.


Tom Yum Seafood (RM 27.00, serve 3-4)

How can we miss Tom Yum Soup, the obligatory order of whenever dine in at any Thai restaurant. Served with a wok shape pot and filled with prawns, squids, fish slices, mushrooms and tomato chunks that boast the goodness of the tom yam soup base. The spicy lemongrass with chilli flavoured soup was no doubt spicy (for my standard) and sour but it was oh-so-good and addictive.


Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce (RM48.00)

At hindsight, the Patin looked really attractive – loads of flesh, firm and fresh. Steamed with lemon juice, herbs and chilli which represents Thai flavours in every sense for its sourness, spiciness, savoriness and sweetness, all rolled into one harmonized flavour.  Burner was place underneath to keep the fish warm  throughout the meal.


Flame Grilled Pork Neck (RM28.00)

The pork neck was grilled to a tender perfection and it undeniably tasted as good as it looks. The meat had a pleasant smoky aroma and slightly bathed with savoury sauce for extra flavours and moistness. I Love the green chilli dip too that gave the extra kick!


Crispy Omelette (RM 12.00)

The fluffy golden omelette with crispy edges certainly a winner with everyone. Its pretty much basic omelette with shredded veggie inside but it sure tasted yummy.


Basil Leaf Minced Meat (RM18.00)

Aromatic and amply studded with chilli and chopped long beans, the Basil Leaf Minced Pork was tasty with a lovely aromatic note of basil. It was wickedly good to seduce you into asking for more rice!


Pork Knuckle Sweet Sour Sauce (RM55.00)

It is a huge deep fried pork knuckle drenched with sweet sour sauce accompanied with colourful capsicums, onion and crowned with house made coriander sauce. The flavours was just mediocre and perhaps the least favourite food for me that afternoon.


Tom Yum Kai Lan (RM15.00)

A quite unique combination of Kai Lan and Tom Yum, a welcome change to the common salted fish or simple stir fried vegetables.


Pineapple Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat (RM18.00)

All the dishes above should be enjoyed with plain white rice or one can order their appealing presented Pineapple Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat for a more substantial meal.


Lemongrass Drink (RM3.00)

The beverage choices is a bit limited, they have Thai coconut, canned beers, iced coffee, iced tea, lemongrass and Pandan drink.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Superthai serves set meal for lunch and dinner daily too which is value for money and very popular among office workers around this area.

Special Nasi Super Thai (RM20.00)

This is the one that attracted our attention for its fully loaded platter that comprised of salt and pepper squid, crispy omelette, Tom Yum soup, green curry chicken, mango salad and bbq pork belly. It’s a portion good enough for two small eater or a VERY filling portion for one 😛 The set meal comes with complimentary drink as well.


Thai Pork Leg Rice (RM17.00)

Portion wise, the braised pork leg rice was served with braised egg, braised bean curd, salted vegetables, blanched vegetables and soup. The braised pork leg was just ok average, I think the sauce was a tad lighter and not as rich as what I’ve tried at other places.


Thai Steamed Prawns with Glass Noodles (RM18.00)

If you’re not into spicy food, this Thai glass noodles with prawns is a good option. The glass noodles were well cooked and not too soft. It absorbed all the great flavours from the savoury sauce.


Coconut Ice Cream (RM10.00)

House made coconut ice cream with colourful condiments of raisin, jackfruit and red ruby.


Mango Sticky Rice (RM10.00)


Verdict: Hits and misses, the food we had was mostly good and I definitely like their wallet-friendly price range which justifiable with the portion served.


Superthai Restaurant

No.29-M, Jalan SS21/1a, Damansara Utama (Damansara Uptown),

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7710 5888

Operating Hours: 12.00pm – 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 10.00pm, Daily



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