T & K Seafood @ China Town, Bangkok

This is a follow-up post from my recent Bangkok trip.

After the “expensive” & luxury English Hi Tea session (do refresh the experience by clicking on the link), we proceed to China Town, Bangkok (Yaowarat) to have our dinner.

Once we stepped out from cab, we were greeted by these!

So many colourful neon light signboards in Chinese words!!! I thought I am at Mong Kok or Causeway Bay at Hong Kong as I always watch scene like this in Hong Kong drama 😛


Busy & bustling with activities~


T & K is the most recommended seafood restaurant at China Town when we done our research on eating joints at Bangkok 🙂

Once we walked near the restaurant, there was already throngs of people waiting for tables, mind you, the restaurants expands to the roadside’s pavement too. That’s a sign of good business and hopefully good food ^^


While waiting for our table, we browsed through the menu and the prices for the food were quite reasonable although it is located at the tourist spot. Do compared that with our very own Petaling Street or Jalan Alor, you will definitely be charged a premium price.

Seafood grilling by roadside


Although the restaurant was packed to the brim, our food arrived in a jiffy~

Sauces for to food


Pipping hot Tom Yam seafood, a must when you are at Thailand ^^
Laden bountifully with fish, prawns, squids, mushrooms & vegetables. The sour & spicy soup definitely stimulated our palate.


Steam Fish
The sour & pungent soup was addictive, I can’t help myself but to scoop it non-stop till the soup was polished clean 😛


Oyster Omelet (Oh Chien)
Served on hot plate, laying on bed of bean sprouts. Oysters are fresh & plump but a tad too oily & the bean sprout was not fully cooked too.


Fried Squids
Crunchy thin battered & springy squids were moreish indeed!


Grilled Big Head Prawns
Fresh & huge prawns grilled without any marinade, we can taste the natural sweetness from the fresh prawns.


Some greens to remove the guilty from over indulging on those caloric-laden food >.<


If you happen to be here, please don’t forget to buy some porky snack from this shop. It is super famous here 🙂


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