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What’s your expectation to a plate of Char Siew Wonton Mee that priced at RM19.50? 


I was recommended by a Ipohan friend to try out Char Siew at The Museum during my trip last month. Located in Greentown Business Center with many choices of eateries and cafes, The Museum takes pride in their signature barbecued pork aka Char Siew (拖地叉燒), some even said the best Char Siew in Ipoh.


Previously was a bar back in 2013, The Museum is now serving Chinese Cuisines and has  its first outpost at Klang Valley – The Starling Mall at Damansara Uptown. Dressed in red with dark wooden panels, the dining area was heavily decorated with ornaments and framed artworks. The interior was framed by the decor and fixtures from its bar days, from the decorative medieval knight armour to the artificial fish specimens, fireplace, statues as well as the leather banquette seats.


Their signature dishes and the squeeze screaming chicken at the bar counter. (☉_☉)


A-fresco dining seats.


Watermelon Juice (RM5.90) & Iced Milk Tea (RM6.90)


Their menu for your reference. Quite an extensive selection and price definitely on high side.


Char Siew Noodle (RM19.50)

Springy strand of noodles, delicious soy sauce concoction, aromatic golden fried pork lard and substantial amount of vegetables, this Char Siew Wonton Mee ticked all boxes for a good plate of Wonton Mee.


The main star of Char Siew indeed well executed and merits a praise. Gleaming in a deep mahogany hue with adequate fat-to-lean-meat ratio, the barbecued pork was lushly enrobed with sticky sweet sauce with the edges had a lovely charred layer. But does it really worthy for that exorbitant price? To be honest, I can have an equally good Char Siew at Klang Valley, most important with more affordable price. 


The noodles served along with a bowl of very well flavoured soup.


Steamed Pork Rice (RM18.00)

We also had this steamed minced pork served with rice, fried egg and pickled vegetables. For the price charged, I hoping for bigger portion of that steamed pork. It was just a thin layer of meat in that deep bowl,  with a flavour that bordered on bland. 


Verdict: The Char Siew Wonton Mee was sublime, in terms of flavour and texture but does is really worth the price charged? I’ll let you do the judge. Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ


The Museum

No.1, Persiaran Greentwon 7, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: +605-246 0688

Operating hours: 12.00pm to 3.00pm, 5.30pm to 10.00pm, daily



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