Tigerlily Thai Restaurant @ DC Mall, Damansara Town Centre

Thai food always been one of our favourite cuisine and Thailand’s distinctive culinary offerings never fail to tickle our taste bud. It is one of the most well established foreign food in Malaysia and Tigerlily Thai Restaurant located at DC Mall, Damansara Town Centre is a fairly recent addition.


Tigerlily located at LG floor of Damansara City Mall (DC Mall) which is still quite vacant for the moment but there are still a couple of eateries and shops such as Soleil, Erawan, Hisho Japanese Cuisine, myNEWS.com, Royal Canton, Astute Clinic, Orchid Culture and etc.

The Instagramable mural of tiger & lily on the decorative doors at the facade.


It’s a comfy space filled with neutral colours palette, wooden flooring in zig zag pattern and sparsely adorned with potted plants as well as unique lighting.


There is a small enclosed area with refreshing green wall and completed with two long tables and booth seats. Check out the monochrome mural and phrases on the walls as well as the hand painted drawings on the tables, cool right?


Menu in 4 designs but the content is the same 😛 The choices are sufficient to please everyone, ranging from Thai bites, noodles, assorted of curries, grilled seafood, soups, fried stuffs, vegetables, salads, kid’s meals, individual rice plates, desserts, coffee, Thai teas, smoothies, soft drinks and fruit juices.


Pandan Kasturi (RM7.90) & Thai Iced Tea with Gula Melaka (RM6.90)


Mango Salad (RM7.90)

Shredded raw mango, onion, bird eye chili and crushed peanut tossed with pungent salty lime and fish sauce dressing. This one was really appetizing and I felt my sense awaken with every bite. Give me more food please~~


Firecracker Prawns (RM6.90)

The dainty deep fried prawns wrapped with wonton skin were delectable, pipping hot and crispy. It didn’t take long for us to gobble them all up!


Tom Yum Kung (RM26.90)

No Thai meal is complete without an order of Tom Yum! Tigerlily version passed with flying colours. A medley of seafood, vegetables and mushrooms swimming in fabulous Tom Yum broth. The soup was well balanced and had a good kick of spiciness and sourness level.


Green Curry Prawns (RM26.90)

Another popular order in any Thai meal, our green curry was served pipping hot in a claypot and filled with chock-full of prawns and eggplant in a very creamy curry sauce. With a medium note of spices and heat the flavors of the green curry was jazzed up with handful of fresh basil.


Red Curry Chicken (RM26.90)

This Thai style red curry chicken varies from the curry chicken we usually have, this version was strong in basil flavor which I thought was a bit overwhelming for my liking. No fault on this but simply not to my preferential taste. Laden generously with chicken chunks, baby corns and long beans, I enjoyed the tender pieces of chicken nonetheless.


Muay Thai Fried Fish (RM56.90)

The butterflied siakap was deep dried to delightful crunchiness and seasoning was minimal and features the original flavor of the fish. For those who prefer a more dimensional taste, you can savor it with the served along spicy dipping sauces.


BBQ Sotong (RM12.90)

The grilled squid was well prepared with the perfect done-ness, succulent with a lovely charred edges. My only gripe was the size of the squid was slightly too small for the price.


Lemongrass Chicken Satay (RM9.90/5 sticks)

Minced chicken infused with flavourful and enticing marinade wrapped around lemongrass stalks and served with spicy peanut sauce. They were indeed tasty and indulgent.


Steamed Otak-Otak (RM5.90/cup)

Served in aluminum cup, the steamed fish paste was creamy with robust taste of various herbs and spices.


Thai Basil Minced Chicken (RM8.90)

Minced chicken is cooked with Thai basil to create that distinctive aroma and flavour. It’s a bud tickling dish and the moreish flavor went really well with plain rice.


Crispy Sotong (RM18.90)

The fried squid most probably my least favourite of that evening due to its thick batter.


Four Angled Beans with Peanuts (RM9.90)

Oh la la, I love this vegetable dish. Dressed in savory sauce with mild heat, the four angled beans remained its crunchy texture. The addition of peanuts liven up the dish beautifully and the combination just simply impressive!


Spicy Eggplant with Dried Shrimps (RM14.70)

This piquant eggplant proved to be another dish that begging for more plain rice!


Tub Tim Crob (RM7.00)

Desserts are simply a must to end a spicy Thai meal, agree? Our dessert of Thai Red Ruby was adorably presented with red tapioca coated water chestnut and slivers of jackfruit on bed of pristine white fine shaved ice and decorated with mint leaves. We all like this, adequately sweet with crunchy water chestnut pearls and jackfruit slices.


Mango Sticky Rice (RM9.90)

This Thai classic dessert was done nicely here with lovely balance of sweetness tinged with salty notes in the glutinous rice. Savor together with the sweet ripen mango with a drizzled of the coconut sauce, definitely a sweet ending to any Thai meal.


Ice Kachang (RM11.90)


Chendol (RM4.90)

Both Ice Kachang and Chendol were decent too with generous amount of ingredients.


Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM12.90)

Probably the only dessert we didn’t fancy because the batter of the banana fritters was way too thick >_<


Verdict: There were some good and some bad, but it was mostly good especially the Tom Yum, Mango Salad, Grilled Sotong, Four Angled Beans & Tub Tim Crob. If you happen to be at DC Mall and looking for a wallet friendly meal, Tigerlily would do you fine.


Lot LG18 Damansara City Mall, 6 Jalan Damanlela

Damansara Town Centre, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2011-2912

Operating Hours: 8.00am to 8.000pm daily

Website: www.tigerlily.com.my/ 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tigerlilythairestaurant/


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