Year of Blooming Abundance @ Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

With the Year of the Earth Pig around the corner, the season to indulge is also here. This New Lunar Year, Hilton Kuala Lumpur invites you and your loved ones on a gastronomical journey themed ‘Year of Blooming Abundance’ with Executive Chinese Chef Lam Hock Hin’s auspicious culinary creations.


Indulge in Chynna’s Chinese New Year set menus from 7th January to 24th February 2019 for lunch and dinner and prices at RM288nett, RM398nett, RM438nett and RM688nett per person. Minimum order for Abundance Set, Prosperity Set and Wealth Set is 2 persons while for the Grand Fortune Set, the minimum order is 5 persons.


Chynna Chinese restaurant located on 5th Floor of Hilton Kuala Lumpur is gorgeously set in grandeur. Opulence with an Oriental theme, the spacious restaurant featuring a traditional Chinese herbal cabinet near the entrance, the main dining area, an open dim sum kitchen and private room. High ceilings with hanging red lanterns with different shapes, antique rosewood and red draped chairs, beautiful ornamental artifacts, and sheer blinds in ancient Chinese art motifs, that complements and adds to the opulence of the theme.


Diners can catch some kitchen actions from the open dim sum kitchen that is located on the side of the main dining area.


While waiting for the dinner to be kick started, we were served with Chynna’s signature 8 Treasures Tea which was poured in style. The tea master poured the tea from a bronze  metre-long spout kettle with the perfect precision and the skill was really captivating!


Yu Sheng with Macadamia Nuts and American Strawberry 红运当头 夏果草莓捞生

Our Prosperity Set Menu was kicking off with the Yu Sheng with Macadamia Nuts and American Strawberry featuring big American strawberries, crushed Macadamia nuts, assorted shredded vegetables, pickles, crisps with strawberry sauce and oil oil.

A symbolic of good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious, the tossing of Yee Sang is simple a must at this festive meal. Vibrant colors of the ingredients and the unusual fruity dressing summarizes the bright and refreshing Yee Sang. A delicious starter to a great meal to come…


Braised Assorted Dried Seafood with Vegetarian Fins, Crab Meat and Fish Maw      横财就手 蟹黄扒斋翅

The soup course got much praised from everyone that day included Sam whose not a soup lover. The thick and luscious soup was filled with loads of dried seafood as well as crab meat, fish maw and vegetarian fins which adding a nice textural bite. I realloy enjoyed the savory and umami thick bisque, beautifully flavourful laced with solid essence of rich seafood.


Chef Lam takes on a creative and innovative approach for this year’s festive menus. There are dishes with surprise elements or prepared with an unusual different way, different in a good way that is.

Steamed Giant Grouper Slices with Congee and Tauchu Chili Sauce 年年有余 爆姜粥底蒸窿趸

I believe it’s your first time seeing congee in a CNY set menu, so am I. Traditionally many taboos are associated with the New Year Festival such as no black or white clothes, no hair washing, no scissors and no sweeping, just to name a few. Eating congee during the spring festive season also prohibited because old generation believe that it brings poverty. Chef Lam plays bold this year and I quite like it.Fortune Favours The Bold’

The Giant Grouper slices with sweet delicate flesh and thick gelatinous skin were submerged in velvety smooth congee, topped with robust Tauchu chili sauce and fried ginger. It’s a familiar flavours that exuded comfort and soothing warmness. Its practically home cooked comfort flavours.


Stewed Cabbage with Yam and Shrimps 嘻哈大笑 芋头虾仁绍菜煲

Served in a claypot, the shelled shrimps and Chinese Cabbage were cooked lovingly in a thick yam sauce. Here, the taste outdid the look. The pool of yam gravy with a hint of sweetness underlied the savoriness of the sauce, a flavour that leaned towards a very home-cooked aura. The overall was just pleasant and comforting to the palate!


Braised Abalone and Sea Cucumber with Pumpkin Sauce 包罗万有 南瓜汁薰肉末烩鲍鱼海参

Definitely not the most appetizing looking dish I’ve seen but the the flavour was totally opposite. The golden pumpkin sauce with a lovely hit of savoury and sweetness was moreish and the addition of crispy smoked meat imparted a mellow of smokiness to the gravy. The premium ingredients of sea cucumber with soft and light jelly texture as well as well cooked big abalones added various delightful textures to this dish.


Battered Fried Chicken with Yellow Curry Sauce 金鸡报喜 黄咖喱炸鸡扒

A fail-proof combination that can please everyone of all ages. Thinly battered chicken thighs were perfectly deep fried and paired with fragrant yellow curry sauce.


Ten Grains Rice Stuffed with Chicken Floss 十全十美 十谷米双松泡饭

I really like this! Instead of the customary waxed meat rice, we were presented with this maki rolls looked alike staple which showcased healthy ten grains rice rolls stuffed with chicken floss and seaweed. I like how the assorted grains and nuts give the dish a pleasant textural bite.


Coconut Jelly and Nian Gao Roll with Cheddar Cheese, Musang King Durian and Macadamia Nuts 步步高升 白玉椰子冻拼芝味夏果猫山王年糕

A sweet conclusion to the splendid festive dining experience, Chef Lam and his team had prepared the duo dessert platter.

The Nian Gao enveloped a filling of Musang King Durian and Cheddar cheese with crushed Macadamia nuts and coconut flakes. It was indeed a lovely savory and sweet surprise.

The coconut jelly with wolfberry sauce was refreshing and very mild in taste. It managed to balance out the richness of the Nian Gao. These were such a treat and truly unique this festive season.

Verdict: Definitely one of the most special Chinese New Year set menu I’ve tried with surprise elements in terms of flavours and execution.


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