The Bala’s Holiday Chalet @ Cameron Highlands (Planters Country Hotel)

New revisions have been announced to the MCO 2.0 SOP list which including the restrictions of 2 passengers per vehicle, 10km travel limit, and 2 patrons per table in restaurants have been removed. Full list of revised SOP as of 18 Feb 2021 can refer HERE. With the loosen up SOPs as well as the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, I […]

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Gloria Residences Ion Delemen @ Genting Highlands

It’s always summer in Malaysia! Well except for the highlands such as Genting Highland. For the late 70s babies & Kl-lians such me and hubby, Genting will always remain an integral part of our lives. As a kid, it was the place to go for arcades (while your parents went for “investment” activities.) As a teen, it was the place […]

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DRAGON-i Peking Duck @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

My youngest sister wanted to have Peking Duck for our recent family gathering and this place immediately flashed into my mind because I’ve read quite a few online reviews of this place some time ago.   We arrived the rebranded DRAGON-i Peking Duck at 1 Utama Shopping Mall punctually on our reservation time and being usher to our table located […]

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