Chung Wa Dae @ Ampang

We was at book exhibition held at KLCC some time ago and Sam’s request for a Korean BBQ dinner was met with instant approval by her always-says-YES dad 😛

Ampang, the KL’s ‘Little Korea’ was our destination that evening because it’s just a short distance away from KLCC. This place is filled with a lot of Korean restaurants serve different types of Korean cuisine such as BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken and Korean street food. There are also a good number of Korean grocery marts which offer basic Korean food product that generally needed for Korean cooking as well as beauty products and various household items.

We were spoilt for choice and obviously Chung Wa Dae was the lucky one that day 😛

Reflecting a casual style Korean dining, Chung Wa Dae was furnished with a few rows of simple wooden tables and chairs but the interior design was a bit dated. This place was fully air-conditioned and equipped with plenty of wall and ceiling fans, ventilation was ok as most of the the meat grilling was done in the kitchen.


There are also private rooms which I think advanced booking is needed.


Banchan, the Korean side dishes are the quintessential of any Korean meal. The offerings at Chung Wa Dae was unquestionably generous, we had total of 13 small plates of refillable banchan that evening.


Some condiments and sauces for the grilled meat.


Pork Belly (RM25.00) & Pork Jowl (RM25.00)

Portion wise, I thought they could be more generous with the pork jowl. The meat was nicely grilled especially the pork belly, well browned and cripsy on the edges. Both our meat choice was non-marinated and we able to savour the original meat flavor but I’ll prefer something more flavourful (marinated meat), next round perhaps.


Kimchi Soup with Rice (RM15.00)

The broth is hot and spicy, the combination of pork belly, tofu, Korean glass noodles and enoki mushroom in a rich kimchi soup was just great. It gave comfort to my tummy and never cease to please me every time I have this.

Complimentary fruit at the end of the meal.


Verdict: A pretty standard Korean meal at this little Korean town. Nothing really to pinpoint and it did not hit us with huge surprise either.


Chung Wa Dae

B1.1, One Ampang Business Avenue, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/2,
Taman Dagang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Tel; +603-4251 1004 / +6013-26206644


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