>Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant

>Just had a chat with Pris yesterday about the famous Tengkat Tong Shin Meng Kee char siu that I eagerly want to try. Alas, it will be quite difficult for me to munch the juicy char siu as it opens everyday except SUNDAY!! Since I have to work on Saturday (anyone still do??), I really dun have a chance… 🙁

As a consolation for me, I decided to go to this Famous Seremban Favorite, recommended by many food bloggers for its melt-in-your-mouth char siu ~~

Mouth watering huh~~~
(Sorry bout the reflection as I dun dare to take it inside while they are chopping the char siu with a big knife.. :-p)

Teh Ice & Herbal Tea

Char Siu & Roast meat (siu yoke)
The char siu tasted sweet with a hint of smoky flavor. We opted for half lean half fat (bun fei sau)..
Verdict: Every pieces of these sticky & caramelized meat just melt-in-your mouth, hmm~~It’s awesome!!!
The roast meats given that day was too fat for our liking but the skin was undeniable crunchy~~

Friendship Meehoon
What is friendship meehoon? It’s actually cuttlefish meehoon 😛 But why they called it friendship meehoon? In my opinion, “friendship” & “cuttlefish” sound similar in both Cantonese & Chinese so they just called it Friendship Meehoon to attract people lor, hehe ^.^
*Correct me if I wrong :P*

Laden with cuttle fish & stewed pork chunks & meat slices. The soup taste quite bland though~~

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1 Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 017-2798582

Closed on Tuesdays.


  • >yum! gimme some siu yok now!!!

    its only 10am…and im tempted!!! 🙁

  • >You make me mouth watering now…

  • >aiyo !!
    look yummy lah …..

  • >OMG my husband go means sure will suff himself full with all these siu yok wan!!!

  • >i just heard something new.. friendship noodle!

  • backStreetGluttons

    >the Boss appears stuck up if you dunno him but got lots to tell if after 2.30pm . Also got one more in Jln 222 near shell station. bsg klang says he passed with oily colors !

  • >the char siu looks absolutely mouth watering.. we share the same problem, not dare to shoot the hanging ‘siu lap’ from the inside lol. I also very shy to ask for permission from the shop owner

  • >oh, there are such restaurant in KL? why not go to seremban and experience seremban’s real food? hehehe, look for me ya~ as i’m a seremban-kia~

  • >mimi, try the hakka mee as well. it’s quite good. hey, there’s another kopitiam nearby called 747. their char siew wantan mee oso quite good. and the ckt, my personal favourite! 😉

  • >The siew yoke really lardy. The char siew looks good though a bit more fat will be nice.

  • >yummy siu yok ah !!! aik hungry now…

  • >fren, guess wat, i went for Meng Kee char siew again yesterday! 2 consecutive days i had char siew for lunch..

    the char siew from this restaurant looks yummy too..will try it if i happen to go to tht area 🙂

  • >Yep yep, agreed the char siew is one of the best in klang valley

  • >xin: 10am? Haha, u have to wait until lunch time ^.^

    little inbox: 😛

    sock peng: U can have it anytime since u back to M'sia dy 🙂

    duckie: How about u?

    cumi&ciki: literally translate from their menu … o.O

    bsg: Quite a few good char siu in town huh…

    vkeong: must brave ourself to take good photo hor…haha XD

    mei-wah: Planning to have 1 🙂

    nic: thanks ur intro, definitely will try it!!!

    worldwindow: I dare not eat meat with too much fat lah =.=''

    shin: Have it now!!

    pris: Didn't tapao for me ar?

    tuck hong: Yeah!!!

  • >Mimi, FSF don’t mind you go near and take picture as the owner will instantly know you’re a blogger! ^^

  • >look at those pork, beh ta han la~

  • thenomadGourmand

    >i also work Sat – ggrrrr! so when u going again FSF? I havent tried be4..want to go fr Nics recom – Hakka mee, CKT..

  • >jason: But me paiseh lah 😛

    man: Then go & eat lah!!!

    thenomadgourmand: Donno when will go again wor…too many food 1 2 try, haha ^.^

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