>Oriental Spoon

>Just a day before my visit to Oriental Spoon, I stumbled upon this. Its a blog review (with loads of “comments”) about Oriental Spoon which really made me doubt bout my decision in dining over there.

On the eventual day, the restaurant was full house but surprisingly service was quite prompt. Dim sum were served fast & furious, except for some popular dim sum like egg tarts which took quite awhile. Seem like my qualm before I came is unnecessary, perhaps the management really read the bad comments and take the que to triple their services level.

I think we are the lucky one ~.~

Open Kitchen concept..

Steamed Spinach Buns with Sesame Paste
“Mutant” version of Hedgehog Bun (described by one of my makan gang)!! Fat hedgehog…….but the black sesame paste filling is less than desired….

Poached Lotus Root with ‘Gui Hua’ Syrup
Weird taste… a bit sour, a bit sweet….

Puff Pastry with Winter Melon Paste
I like the flaky pastry on it…

Fried Spring Roll
A bit oily, not much ingredients until I cannot figure out what was inside…

Stewed Beef Brisket with White Radish
The beef brisket & radish were cooked until soft.. the broth was very dense with “beefy” aroma & flavor.. yummy..

Lotus Leaf Rice
I didn’t eat this, but I saw salted egg yolk inside

Waterchesnut Dessert
Tasted mediocre, nothing to shout about.

Fried Kangkung
Quite salty…

Fried Yam Puffs
The meat & veggies cube inside went well with the yam paste….

Dumpling in Superior Soup
I wonder why the waitress called this “siu long bao”? Tasted just mediocre as well….

Egg Tart
Definitely star of the day!!! Flaky pastry + the smooth silky egg filling. We ate 4 plates!!!

Steamed Beef Balls in Beancurd Skin
Complete disaster!!!! The texture of the beef ball were so soggy until it didn’t taste like beef at all!!! I almost wanted to vomit it all out >_<"

Steamed Chicken Feet with Homemade Sauce
Chicken feet were soft and fully flavored…

Pan Fried Yam Cake

Yong Tau Foo

Steamed ‘Siew Mai’
Still tasty with succulent prawns….. impressive as its without the usual porkie stuff 😛

Chilled Strawberry Pudding
The strawberry pudding were of a nice sour flavor that it is so refreshing!! It was so popular with the diners that when we wanted a second helping, it’s all “sold out”… *sob*sob*

Fried Rice with XO Sauce & Stuffed Bittergourd (far end)
I like this fried rice but didn’t eat much of it because have to save more “room” for more dim sum …..hehe 😛

Chicken & Century Egg Porridge
Smooth porridge, decent & palatable.

Fried Mee Hoon

Fried Radish Cake with Bonito Flakes
The bonito flakes really gave the radish cake a new lease of life.. Fusion?


Char Siew Bao
The fluffy skin definitely win my vote!!!

Chee Cheong Fun
Cheong fun with corns & meat, new combinations huh~~

Steam Lamb Rib
Being a direct replacement for the usual pork rib, it did a real good job!!! It even have some white radish underneath that soak all the sauce…. Nice..

Oriental Spoon
1st floor, Sooka Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
50470, KL
Tel: 03 – 2261 3222
Opening hours: (Mon – Sunday) 11.30 am – 8.00 pm

Dim Sum Buffet : RM 18.80++ / pax (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday only)


  • >the Hedgehog looks so sad, overfed maybe ? :p

  • >reasonable price, would love to try!

  • BeverLy's Secret

    >So CHEAP!!!!
    mimi, i want dim sum!!!!

  • >so cheap!!!

  • >i like the Puff Pastry with Winter Melon Paste ^^

  • >it is very very the cheap ler….!!!

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving

    >ok lar..u guys tried more items then me lor..that day even less items..haha..

  • >wah the hedgehog looked so different from those i saw on FBB’s blog! how sad to even read how they short changed customers on their buffet 🙁

    thanks for all your support 😉

  • >rm18++ for buffet is really worth it! and the food looks delicious! i wanttttttt 🙁

  • >ling: Overfed? I don't think so, the filling inside is so little >_<"

    pris: untill July only if not mistaken..

    beverly: Hehe, u have to eat those expensive dim sum at China Town 😛

    squall: Interested? Faster take action lor ~~

    shell: Too bad it came when all of us already full =.="

    tracy: but you can get more decent dim sum @ Hong Kong 🙂

    joe: More ppls can try more variety mah~~

    babe: When we look at the bun we also 1 2 laugh!!!So ugly >.<

    xin: consider reasonable price for that ambiance ~~

  • >I wonder why they dun do buffet on weekdays, when a smaller crowd is easier to attend to, and they dun run the risk of complaints about out-of-stock dimsum.

    since Joe’s review, now I’ve my qualms. should I? or shouldnt I?

  • >i am planning to go for this dim sum buffet

  • >wah u ate that much?!! I also wanna go but must find a day first. Nice…

  • >is this the buffet?
    gosh! i really want to try it out though there are ‘not-so-good-comments’

    i wan DIM SUM!!!

  • >j2kfm: I think they got improvement, can have a try~~

    vialentino: Happy eating!!!

    eiling: We have 5 person mah ~.~

    ai wei:Faster take action lor~~

  • -kent- f0 粉肠

    >buffet dim sum until when??


  • >looks so delicious

  • >I want Dim Sum !!!!!!!!!!!

  • >kent: It's until July only if not mistaken, u call call & ask ~~

    liam: Acceptable lah, hehe ~.~

    vivi: Better faster make reservation before it end ~.~

  • JeromeFo 令狐冲

    >Looks good. Read alot reviews about it recently…
    Char siu bau abit too small to me…

  • >hi hi, just to let u know tht i went to this restaurant on sunday (just 2 days ago). i must say tht i’m very disappointed 🙁 (not sure if that was the last day of the promo so they didn’t bother)

    food was just mediocre, service was slow – i was only served with 6-7 plates of dim sum in 1 hour, can u imagine how slow that was? the waiting time already made me feel full, so i didn’t eat much…

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