Samovar – The Russian Cafe

Recently I really into those deals or vouchers on internet, those really “dai” aka worthy deals are so irresistible. Oh, am I saving money or spending more? >.< (Stay tune for more, I still have a few vouchers in my hand ^_^)

What you guys think of a Russian cafe? How’s the Russian food taste like? I also curious just like you, so when I saw this deal atMYDEAL, without hesitate I bought it!

Spacious dining area with choices of different seats – High back chairs, comfy sofa or outdoor seats in a special hut.

This deal cost RM 19.00 consisted of a salad, soup, main course & free flow of soft drink.

Olivia Salad
Diced carrots, green peas, corn & potatoes in mayonnaise dressing. I don’t like the frozen taste from the vegetables =.=”

Borsch Soup
Laden bountifully with beetroots, carrots & cabbage. Quite tasteless but I enjoyed the boil-to-soft vegetables.

Doughy dumplings stuffed with minced meat (choices of chicken or beef). I love dumpling & this definitely make me glee with joy! The meat filling was so flavorful wrapped with the not-so-thick skin. I can’t help myself but had a few servings of this 😛

Maria Chicken (RM 15.90)
Additional order of this pizza look a like food. Pan fried burrito with thin minced chicken filling. Not sure whether this is Russian cuisine or not but the bland taste didn’t ignite my interest to get second serving 😛

Sam enjoyed walking around in a rather empty restaurant that day (weekday).

Verdict: Friendly & warm service assure me to come back to explore more about Russian cuisines.


K-01-08, SOHO KL
Mont Kiara
Jalan Solaris 2
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 016-2304534



  • >The Borsch looks good! I have only tried Borsch & Smoked Salmon Blini w/Caviar for Russian food.

    Great to know there is one now nearby!

    Sam looks sooooo adorable.. love that pic! Look a lot like mommy for sure… 🙂

  • Life for Beginners

    >When I visited Samovar one rainy night… I found the food a tad bland, to be honest. The Pilmeni reminds me of boiled gyoza though… buttery yummery. 🙂

  • >ehhh, dai come i can miss this offer ah?

  • >this area the restaurants seems to be opening and closing, very hard to keep up.

  • >memang very "dai" leh.

  • >What a nice deal! But I seldom go to this area though.. too far for me! 🙁

  • >Food Dreams: She is more uglier than me, haha 🙂

    Kenny: I love the Pilmeni, other food just so so~

    Bok: Too many already!!!

    babe_kl: It's true but I hope they can keep up!

    Small Kucing: Have you buy any of the voucher?

    Mei Yee: Quite a distance too~

  • >wow the little she looks so cute! 🙂

  • >its a ugly restaurant, all the food its melt butter & salty. suggest dont come

  • >Anonymous: Different people different taste 🙂

  • >Yeah right friendly and warm service!

    Had to wait for about an hour to get my food despite only two other customers in the restaurant. I was the first to arrive last to be served.

    I had to even ask for drinks.

    Bad service, mediocre food. If you want something Russian, it's easier to beg someone from the Russian embassy for food compared to going here.

    Extremely disappointed.

  • Christopher Teh

    >Food was all right, but for a restaurant, food cannot be just all right to survive for long. I doubt Samovar would survive (at least at this current location) for more than a year.

    I found the owners a little unfriendly. The man owner just looked at us as if we wandered into his home and expecting him to cook us something, and the lady owner was a little rude (but with a smiling face).

    Overall, all right food but I doubt I would be back unless there is another Super MyDeal discount, but even then I would have to think twice. For those who haven't tried this restaurant, come and see but I really doubt you too would return especially when there are so many other restaurants nearby.

  • >Had dinner here with a friend. We're pretty familiar with Russian and Polish cuisine so it was nice to know there's a Russian restaurant in KL.

    The lady owner was friendly and we chatted quite a bit with her. Food arrived quite promptly, didn't have to wait long.

    We had the borscht, pelmeni and golubtsi among others.

    Taste was great and it's as authentic as it gets (except the borscht was served with soft bread instead of the typical European concrete bread. Can't complain much though, at least we still have our teeth 😉 )

    Tip: When you order the borscht please remember to ask for sour cream. That's the right way to have it.

    Very pleased with the food and would certainly eat here again even if there's no voucher deals.

    Would agree with Choi Yen there, different people different taste. We liked it 🙂

    • Have not been yet there, just heard about it. The only thing – borsch never goes with concrete bread, believe me, about sour cream you are right, it’s proper way to eat borsch.

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