>Souled Out Kuala Lumpur

>Actually this was not a pleasant dinner because my co-foodhunter that day ~ Pris were facing some relationship problem, but it’s all well now & a new whole life is ahead of her!!!! Gambateh my dear friend!!!

We have chosen to have our dinner at Souled Out which I’ve never been to 😛

We opts to dine @ upper floor but unfortunately all the indoor seats @ upper floor were occupied. So we have no choice to sit at the balcony (no air-cond) 🙁

Dragonfly – RM 12.00
Concoction of dragon fruit, watermelon, strawberry puree, lemon juice & Monin lychee syrup.

Chinese Fried Noodles – RM 14.00
Pris had this as she don’t have appetite that day. It’s weird that the waiter didn’t ask for her choice of noodle. We were served with yee mee. Do they only have 1 choice of noodle? =.=”

Chicken Corden Blue – RM 23.00
Presentation of food didn’t impress me at all!! Hmmm.. it looks like Fish & Chips…
The batter is too thick & too oily. Definitely not worth the money that I paid!!!

Verdict: Food are overpriced, I think I won’t go back again~~

Souled Out Kuala Lumpur

No.20, Jalan 30/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-23001955


  • >not nice?
    My BF and his friends love that place but I never been there..
    I think they like that place because they serve Kill Kenny..
    From the photos you posted, I think I won’t like their food either..

  • >Both of you were not in good mood too, right?

  • >Sorry to hear you had such an awful time at Souled Out. I’ve never tried the fried noodles…but I’ve had the chicken cordon bleu once and found it ok.

    Either a case of one man’s meat is another man’s poison, or they botched up this time!

  • >看起来很普通

  • >eh? i have read some excellent reviews about it. hmmmph~~~

  • >let me see if i could visit this place during my visit

  • >expensive!!! in fact, i think it is very expensive!!!

  • >看來你在這裡有不愉快的經驗
    這裡我去了好幾次 每次都很滿意呢


  • >pricey, and lacklustre presentation.
    no wonder some said only good for a drink, no more.

  • Life for Beginners

    >Oh dear, I’ve heard better things of Souled Out before. Has the quality dropped then? What a pity if so.

    Thanks for updating us anyway! 🙂

  • >it was a pleasant evening spent with u..and the happiest thing was that i got to touch your baby bump..i was so excited..(u know i’ve always dreamed to be a mom one day, hahaha)

    hope we could go food-hunting again soon..when r u free? i promise there’ll be no more bitter story 😛

  • >jean: Kill Kenny = ?

    little inbox: yeah~~

    bangsar-babe: Maybe the chef had bad mood that day 😛

    sock peng:剥摆盘完全没有美感hor… 🙁

    xin: =.=”

    R krishnan: Wish u good luck!!

  • >duckie: yeah, not worth the $!!

    影子: 可能我们order了错的食物,哈哈!!!

    j2kfm: A good place for drink & watch football 🙂

    life for beginners: Perhaps inconsistency of food standard ~~

    pris: Sure, will arrange before I deliver, hehe ~.~

  • >It must be not nice, eating western food but in hot weather since no air-con.

  • prettybeautiful.net

    >is kill kenny = the irish beer kilkiney or something?

  • >Haha, I really thought it was fish and chips. Did the dragonfly taste good?

  • backStreetGluttons

    >Now we know , if got relationship problems sure must come to be souled out !
    LOL !

  • >eek! why.so.bad.

  • >selba: The weather is so terrible recently =.=''

    prettybeauyiful.net: I also not sure ler… o.O''

    sugar bean: No complaint from my friend, I think it's good 🙂

    backstreetgluttons: Hmm…. Then I wish I won't come here 🙁

    cumi&ciki: Yea 🙁

  • >Last I went to Souled Out was ages ago. Food was ok then. Perhaps quality dropped?

  • thenomadGourmand

    >this may be the first bad review of Souled Out 😉
    hehe..cook must be on MC tht day!

  • >your cordon bleu really looks exactly like fish n chips!

    i’ve never been there, but all along i heard is good review la, but more on the environment. ppl likes to have gathering there~

  • >i went thr once few year pass…food are not up to expectation and abit pricy…

  • >timothy, thenomadgourmand: I have different taste bud maybe , hehe 😛

    chiariyees: Good place to have gathering indeed~~

    squall: Definitely pricey for me~~ =.=”

  • >i think you gals have the wrong choice of food, perhaps try the recommended ones 😉

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