Await Cafe @ Taman Danau Desa

*Some of the photos taken by mobile phone, please pardon the poor quality*

Disclaimer: Not a professional coffee review but just purely want to share the ambiance, interior or even food of the cafe that I’ve visited ~

Stumbled upon this cafe located at first floor nestled in the ever busy street of Taman Danau Desa after a lunch date with hubby nearby.


Soft music at the background, aroma of coffee and the minimalistic interior, this were what greet us graciously once we stepped into Await Cafe.  Wooden flooring, coffee making counter near the entrance with limited tables placed sparingly within the area, the interior exude a comfy homey feel.



A striking red sofa at the furthest corner accompanied by warm yellowish light, best for girly gossip talk



Rack of magazines and books for your reading pleasure.



Decorative items



A separated area overlooking the busy street with ample of sunlight penetrate in.




Quite pack with patrons who enjoy hand-brewed coffee. FYI, Await Cafe served only hand-brewed coffee by using quality coffee beans such as Brazil Santos, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & etc.

Brazil Santos, Guatemala, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – See more at:
Brazil Santos, Guatemala, Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – See more at:



House Blend (RM 12.00)

Done by hand drip method, one can opt for Syphon method too (RM 15.00).  According to hubby, the coffee had weak acidity with rich buttery taste.



Ice Honey Milk Coffee

Friend’s ice coffee on the other visit, as aforementioned, this was a very unprofessional review of no price & comment was given *close face ashamedly*


For those who don’t fond of coffee like me, Await Cafe offers small collection of naturalize teas, chocolate drink and fresh milk.


Citron Tea ~ Hot (RM 10.00)



Kiba Flip ~ Hot (RM 10.00)

An appetizing blend of hibiscus, grapes, sour cherries, banana pieces and pineapple. Love the sourish fruity taste.


Like most of the cafes nowadays, you’d get to enjoy simple range of light food such as cakes, pastas and sandwiches. Breakfast is available too on weekends!


Cheese Cake (RM 10.00)

Decent but not too memorable though~



Baked Potato




Managed to snap some photo of the owner (I assumed) preparing the coffee by using both hand drip and siphon  method.


Verdict: One of the recommended cafe by my caffeine addicted friends, affordable hand-brewed coffee, friendly peoples and great ambiance~ Worth a revisit if I happen to be at that area. (Too far from my place, will not purposely make a trip here to be honest :P) 


IMAG1286  Await Cafe
  9-1-5, Jalan 3/109F
  Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
  (above Ceggo Boardroom)
  Tel: +603-7971-0978
 Weekdays: 11.00am ~ 8.00pm
 Weekends: 9.00am ~ 8.00pm
  (Closed on Thursday)


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