Bamboo Garden Steamboat @ Kepong Baru

There is one thing always pop up in my mind during the recent raining season, STEAMBOAT that is! The best comfort food for a cold, gloomy rainy night! Being an avid steamboat/hotpot fan, hubby and I will visit steamboat restaurant at least once a month, regardless the weather. 😛

We stay at Kepong area which is one of the steamboat heaven at Klang Valley. There are not less than 20 steamboat/hotpot restaurants within the vicinity and Bamboo Garden Steamboat is new kid on the block joining the competitive F&B scene here.



It’s an open space filled with less than 20 tables, sparsely decorated with bamboo elements (hence the name Bamboo Garden) and fairy lights on the ceiling. Since the seats are quite limited, advance reservation is recommended. Parking is ample right in front of the restaurant.



Four choices of soup base, the pork bone soup is their signature and highly recommended by some of the reviews I’ve read.



Pork Bone Soup (RM18.00/pot)

Served in a huge claypot, the pork bone soup appeared in milky colour and the consistency is not as thick as our favourite pork bone soup at Coco Steamboat. The soup base came with a big pork bone, Chinese cabbage (大白菜), white radish, corn, red dates, goji berries and generous amount of fried bean curd.

Flavor wise, long simmering of the bones expelled its natural essence to the broth. The pork broth had a subtle peppery after taste which was truly comforting and each sip brought warmness to the tummy. However it still lack of creaminess and richness of pork bone soup that we fond of.




Regular Set (RM17.80/pax, minimum 2 pax)

The portion is pretty generous I would say. We usually need to add on other ingredients for our steamboat session  (2 adults & 1 kid) but we felt rather full when we finished the above portion.



Homemade Fei Yun (RM8.80)

Besides the usual range of meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles, they also have  their house made meat balls and meat paste to make your meal more satisfying! We had this pork balls with dried squid, firm texture with distinctive dried squid aroma taste.



For those with high tolerance for spicy food, try out this chili sauce!



Verdict: Although the soup base here is far being impressive in my books but this place certainly a great alternative when we craving for pork bone soup steamboat because Coco Steamboat is quite far for us. The flavors of the broth is not shabby at all but I think it can be enhanced further.



Bamboo Garden Steamboat

Lot 686, Jalan Kuang Bertam, Jalan 24, Taman Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6017-353 3351

Operating Hours: 6.00pm to 12.00pm daily



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