Chic-A-Boom @ Seri Kembangan

There’s seem to be an unexplained relationship between Malaysian and Nasi Lamak.

Observe this; take Nasi Lemak out of a Malaysian’s diet for a wekk, he or she will start craving for it fanatically. Times Magazine famously categorized Nasi Lemak as a yummy healthy breakfast but we, Malaysian (& Singaporean perhaps) knew we can have it for breakfast, lunch dinner and supper 🙂

So when my foodie friend Jenn & Leo suggested for a Nasi Lemak lunch at Seri Kembangan, this brilliant idea got an instant approval from hubby and I. Seri Kembangan is quite far from where I stay, let’s see if the food worth the journey.



Chic-A-Boom is one of the stalls in Hero Kopitiam (英雄美食中心) nestled at Seri Kembangan. We arrived there slightly over 1.30pm on Sunday and I saw the stall was surrounded by a few customers placing their order. Their menu is clearly shown right in front of the stall, choose your favourite parts and flavors and the food will be served to you.



Garlic Fillet (RM5.50- 3 pieces)

Coated with their secret marinade, the crumbled boneless chicken fillets were delightfully crunchy with a faint garlicky flavor. I adore the tender texture of the meat and I saw Sam chomped down 2 pieces of this.



Spicy Fillet (RM5.50 – 3 pieces)

Also available is this spicy fillet with the same crunchy coating but with very mild spicy end note. Equally toothsome nonetheless. I think these chicken fillets great as beer snack, agree?



Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Thigh (RM6.80)

A very decent plate of Nasi Lemak with usual condiments of sliced cucumber, halved hard boiled egg, sambal, fried anchovies and peanuts. The coconut rice always a testament to the quality of a Nasi Lemak, Chic-A-Boom version is just passable in my book. The rice was fluffy enough but lack of coconut flavor and aroma.The sambal is good too with  a comforting level of spiciness with hint of sweetness.



The fried chicken was perfectly fried, utterly crispy outer with succulent and juicy inner. I’m glad that the fried chicken is not oily at all! One can opt for Fried Chicken Whole Leg (RM7.00) for a bigger satisfaction.



Don’t miss out this creamy and robust curry sauce to go with your Nasi Lemak!



Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rempah Whole Leg (RM10)


Chicken Rempah Whole Leg (ala-carte RM7.50)

Marinated with assorted of spices, kaffir leaves and soy sauce, the fried chicken appeared in beautiful dark mahogany hue however the flavors lie below expectation. It did not leave me with strong impression as the flavors wasn’t as pronounced.




Verdict: Hits and misses, I like their original fried chicken and the chicken fillets (both garlic and spicy). The Chicken Rempah definitely need tweaking to pick up the flavors. Do drop by if you happen to be around that area to try out both of my recommendations.




Cafe Hero (英雄美食中心)

No.16 , Jalan PDR 4, Kawasan perniagaan Desa Ria at Jalan Balakong ,

43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor D.E.

Tel: +6012-983 0285


Business Hour: Tuesday to Saturday ~ 10am to 9.00pm,

                          Sunday ~ 9.30 am – 4.00 pm (Close on Monday)





  • 这家辣死你妈在我公司附近,很受我同事们的欢迎噢!!我个人觉得他们的香料炸鸡有不错吃,重点是价格平民化。辣死你妈配炸鸡,让人带着罪恶之心也是吃啊!哈哈哈!!

    • 我最抗拒不了炸鸡,就如你说的明知道会肥死(外加我一吃通常就会喉咙痛)但还是飞蛾扑火似的敢敢去 >_< 那个香料炸鸡我吃的时候觉得不是很够味,然后也和摊主反映了,可能现在味道上已经有所改善。但这地区实在离我蛮远的,所以有经过才能再试了~

  • When I was pregnant I ate nasi lemak everyday for breakfast. It was a crazy craving that got me 20kg heavier >_<

    These days I have gone slow on it. The last I ate nasi lemak was months ago. I like those bungkus with daun pisang type. Very fragrant and yummy.

    Seri Kembangan is far for me too.

  • Actually, the rempah chicken looks the nicest….but not quite there in terms of taste, huh? 😉 Chicken fillet option would certainly go down well with those who dislike bones! 😀

  • The original fried chicken looks awesome. I like the whole leg too. I haven’t eaten nasi lemak in a very long time though! I don’t crave for it coz I don’t eat breakfast every day. I’ll drink coffee and eat something (bread or cereal) but unless it’s the weekend I don’t eat hot prepared foods for breakfast. I used to crave nasi lemak when I was living in Dataran Prima though coz there was a van that came every morning to the lobby and it was awesome nasi lemak. Haha! I’ll go and check it out but Sri Kembangan is quite far for me.

  • I always have this sudden craving for nasi lemak and the worst is this fattening nasi lemak easily can get everywhere >_<

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