Dragon Door Inn Steamboat 龍門客棧火鍋 @ Cheras

Dragon Door Inn Steamboat 龍門客棧火鍋 most probably the most eye-catching shop nestled along the busy street of Jalan Manis, Taman Segar.


Located not far away from Cheras Leisure Mall, this bustling street houses wide variety of eateries and shops, so getting parking at this area could be a pain in the neck.

For a steamboat restaurant that heavily decorated with plenty of red lanterns at the facade, signage wrote on rattan tray in Chinese calligraphy style and hanging red Xiu Qiu (fabric ball) on the entrance, what do you expect?


Countless of framed photo of the owner with artists and celebrities being proudly displayed on the wall at staircase leading to the restaurant.


Located on first floor of the shophouse, the place was buzzing with activities during our visit on a weekend for dinner. Although the restaurant is rather spacious but it was almost fully occupied and filled with noise from the crowd.


As the name suggested, Dragon Door Inn Steamboat is designed to replicate the tavern/inn in ancient China. You can find red lanterns, ancient roof tile, bamboo ceiling, rustic wooden floor, traditional crafty ornaments as well as an open courtyard lined with potted plants and fish pot. The dining area is divided into a few areas with comfortable distance between the tables.


A baby cot was weirdly placed at one of the dining area at the back of the restaurant. >_<


Charcoal pit was used to heat up the steamboat pot which is quite a rare scene as most of the steamboat restaurants use those table top gas stove to do the cooking. Photo above shown how’s the charcoal pit is placed under the table, so it can be quite hot if you sit near to it.


There were a few types of soup bases (5 types if not mistaken) and we had the pork bone soup and herbal soup. (Both soup are chargeable, roughly RM20+)


Came with a huge pork bone in our pot of pork bone soup but the flavour was not particularly pronounced. It didn’t appear in a milky colour and not as creamy as the one we had at Coco Steamboat which is for us the best pork bone soup steamboat in Klang Valley to date. (or any other places that you want to recommend to me?)

The herbal soup was rather average though, nothing really to pin point but nothing to praise either.


Dragon Door Inn Steamboat doesn’t provide set ingredients, all ingredients are ordered ala carte from the menu. Price was pretty average for ala carte steamboat restaurant, sliced meat (RM10-15), meat balls (RM6-10), vegetables (RM5-8) & etc (Sorry I lost my receipt :-/ )


The sauces bar where you can mix and match your sauce with the ingredients provided.


Complimentary watermelon after the meal.


Verdict: The soup base is the essence of any good steamboat however both of the soup we tried didn’t manage to impress us. It would be hard to be convinced for a revisit anytime soon as I can find better options at my area – Kepong.


Dragon Door Inn Steamboat 龍門客棧火鍋

No. 18-1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Batu 9 Cheras

56100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-9130 1062

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 5.00pm to 11.25pm, Sat & Sun: 3.00pm – 11.35pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragonDoorInnSteamboat/


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