DRAGON-i ~ Lobster Spectacular Set & Dragon Boat Festival

Inspired by the rich & diverse culinary offerings from China especially from the regions of Shanghai, Szechuan, Dragon-i Restaurant was established in 2004 with total of 18 outlets at Malaysia and Singapore and still constantly spreading its wings across Asia! The culinary team of Dragon-i group of restaurant never fail to surprise us with the creative innovation & promotion from time to time and for the whole month of June they are proudly introducing the luxurious Lobster Spectacular Set and the Traditional Glutinous Rice Dumplings!


The Terracotta Warrior decoration at every outlet.


Wooden furniture and flooring , cream colour chairs, contrasting plushy sofas and some Chinese influence ornaments thrown in here & there.


The awards winning restaurant.


The open kitchen right at the facade.



Lobster Spectacular Set

RM 138.00++ / pax (minimum 2 pax)

A luxurious 5 course meal  consisted of  Shanghainese Dumplings with Lobster Filling, Spice Salted Lobster Head and Claws, Lobster Meat with Ginger & Spring Onion, Fried La Mian with Lobster Tail and Double boiled Longan with Snow Fungus.


Shanghainese Dumplings with Lobster Filling

It’s Xiao Long Bao which never ceases to please me! Thin and translucent skin encasing the warm savory broth moistening the patty of minced lobster meat. The natural sweetness from the king of crustacean conquered my palate and sent my brain into “food orgasm”!


Lobster Meat with Ginger & Spring Onion

Chunks of succulent lobster meat was lightly stir fried with lots of gingers & spring onions, the flavor was mild and showcased the sweetness from the lobster itself. I always has impression that lobster meat is tough and coarse but this definitely not, the juicy and tender meat was so delectable and I can’t resist to have a few helpings 😛


Spice Salted Lobster Head and Claws

The head and claws are not wasted too, prepared with moreish spice salted style and I saw everyone licking the shell clean :p


Fried La Mian with Lobster Tail

Although the lobster meat was the main actor here but the La Mian (Hand Pulled Noodle) as co-actor definitely manage to steal the limelight! The al-dente texture noodles were well absorbed the soy sauce flavor, make every strand was slurpilicious!


Double boiled Longan with Snow Fungus

I felt so refreshing and nourished by just looking at the brimming ingredients!


These delicious set meals will be priced at RM138++ per pax, with a minimum order 2 pax. American lobster species is being used to prepare these dishes.
In addition, to cater for those Lobster cravers who dine alone, Dragon-i had specially tailor made a one person set meals which is priced at RM138++ and using 600g American lobster. The menu consists of a choice for Lobster Meat with Ginger & Spring Onion or Lobster in Superior Soup.
Spice Salted Lobster Head and Claws or Fried La Mian with Lobster Tail which is available only at (Dragon-i) only RM20.00 charges will be imposed for the said dish for a one person set.
15% discount will be given to Public Bank credit/ debit card holder. (The promotion runs from 5th May 2012 till 30th June 2012)
As Dragon Boat Festival or better known as Dumpling Festival is just around the corner, Dragon-i  also introducing their house-made glutinous rice dumpling selection by Hong Kong Master Chef Li Hong Wah.

Spread of ingredients for dumpling wrapping.


The premium ingredients – Abalone & Roasted Pork!


Live performance by Chef Li. No as easy as you think but with more than 20 years of experience, Chef Li did it within merely of minutes! *Clap hands please*


Chef Li posing with his “masterpiece”.


Didn’t skimp on ingredients, worth every cents you paid!




CEO, Mr. Henry Yip and  Master Chef Li.


Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sliced Abalone

Soft and flavorful from the ingredients, all is truly unique and features its own flavors and textures harmonically! Being told by Master Chef Li a new method to savor this dumpling by dipping it with SUGAR! We were skeptical just like you but try it,  definitely gave a new dimension to the traditional way to savor a dumpling!


Dumpling in vacuum packing.

Four Glutinous Rice Dumplings with various ingredients are available at all Dragon-i outlets:
Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sliced Abalone, Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean,  Glutinous Rice Dumpling with XO Scallop Sauce and Glutinous Rice Crystal Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste.
Dragon-i has tailor-made two type value-for-money dumplings sets while individual purchase of dumplings are also available. A Free recycled tote bag will be given for any set purchases.
** Royal Glutinous Rice Dumpling Abalone set – RM61.40
(Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sliced Abalone 1pc, Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean 1pc and Glutinous Rice Crystal Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste 1pc
** Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling set – RM39.40
(Glutinous Rice Dumpling with XO Scallop Sauce 1pc, Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean 1pc and Glutinous Rice Crystal Dumpling with Lotus Seed Paste 1pc)
HSBC credit card holder they are entitled to a special promotion prices for Royal Glutinous Rice Dumplilng Abalone Set at RM49.80 and Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling priced at RM30.80.
In additional, under Royal Glutinous Rice Dumpling Abalone set customer who wish to upgrade their Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sliced Abalone to an Australian 2 Heads Abalone Dumpling it will be priced at RM168.00. A 3 days advance order is needed for the upgrading.
 Promotion ends on 30th June 2012
*The above prices are excluded government tax.

We were also served with some of their appetizers and mains from the regular menu.

Doubled Boiled Lean Pork Meat Soup with Conch Meat

Clear broth full of flavor from the sea contributed by the conch meat.


Japanese Cucumber with Garlic

Crunchy cucumber served cold drenched in garlicky sauce, indeed a good appetizer to open up the palate.


Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll with Mushroom

A merely ordinary dish.


Honey Glazed Eel

Slivers of eel were deep fried and evenly coated with honey sauce, crunchy and addictive, on sampling just one piece you will get your tempo going on and will not lay down your chopsticks 🙂


Chilled Spicy Chicken in Szechuan Style

Chilled poached chicken drenched in savory spicy sauce that pack a nice fiery punch. It’s all about the fiery burning sensation & the eager to eat more!


Stir Fried Bok Choy


Do check out their website for more details on the promotions.


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