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>I believe the review on the place that I’m going to post now is no stranger to all of us, a garden themed restaurant decorated with greenery plants & flowers, white furniture, white piano, etc~ where else? Of course it’s the Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe!

Archway adorned with bright green leaves and flowers

Flowers are everywhere, created a romantic dining ambiance.

Elegant bright white furniture with cutey mini flower pot on every table.

Their menu is very extensive, you can choose from a wide selection of Asian & Western cuisines.

Garden signature soda drinks (RM 11.90)

Watermelon Blast (RM 9.90)

Mango Blast (RM 9.90)

Longan Blast (RM 9.90)

Hot Chocolate (RM 8.90)

Flower Tea (Refillable) (RM 12.90)

Let’s kick start off our meal with some tantalizing and appetizing starter.

Baked Mussels – Half Dozen (RM 32.90)
Sizable mussels baked with mayonnaise & mustard sauce

Soft Shell Crab with Arugula Salad (RM 19.90)
The slightly bitter Arugula (also known as rocket) went well with the crispy fried soft shell crab & the mayo dressing.

Papaya Chicken Salad (RM 13.90)
Loaded in a halve papaya boat, mix salad topped with fried chicken slices & mayonnaise dressing.

Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon (RM 15.90)
Look at the flower shaped smoked salmon! A truly masterpiece from the chef. Romaine lettuce with crispy croutons, grated Parmesan cheese, bacon bits, a healthy choice indeed!

Steam Oyster – Half Dozen (RM 32.90)
Fresh oyster steamed with garlic, ginger & cilantro


Grilled Steak Sandwich (RM 21.90)
Well marinated grilled sirloin steak sandwiched between the soft bun, the black pepper sauce enhance the flavors too.

French Sandwich (Monte Cristo) (RM 19.90)
French toast with turkey ham & cheese as filling, corn chips as sides ~

Salmon Potato Chowder (RM 15.90)
Creamy potato chowder served with grilled salmon & salmon roe. A bit salty for my liking.

Peking Duck Pasta (RM 23.90)
Oh, I love this!! The Peking duck slices were so flavorful & I can taste the juiciness of the tender meat.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon (RM 29.90)
The flaky flesh with crispy outer skin with special orange sauce make this dish not the ordinary grilled salmon that you normally have!

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 18.90)
Al dente spaghetti served in creamy sauce with onion, beef bacon & mushrooms, tell me who can resist this?

Tandoori Cod Fish (RM 43.90)
Fusion marination Tandoori style cod fish served with sauteed vegetable, mashed potato & special made yogurt mint sauce.

Grilled Barramundi (RM 18.90)

BBQ Beef Rib (RM 39.90)
Served with Aragula salad, crispy potatoes & curry mayo. The meat was fork tender & it really resemble our “Tong Po Ruo” (东坡肉) 😛

Chicken Teriyaki (RM 18.90)
The succulent grilled chicken lying on bed of mashed potato, served with Teriyaki sauce.

Sizzling T-Bone Steak (RM 39.90)
Served with potato jacket, ratatuille & black pepper sauce. The steak was a bit over-cooked resulting a slightly tough meat texture , perhaps we took too long time to take photo & leave it on the hot plate?

Ginger Flower Fried Rice (RM 15.90)
Ginger flower was used in this fried rice, therefore it is more fragrant. Served with Acar & Malinja crackers which has slightly bitter taste, 1st time eating it, interesting!

Kung Pao Chicken with Shanghai Noodle (RM 15.90)

Fried Mee Siam (RM 12.90)
Thai style wok fried vermicelli with prawns, chicken, fish cake, bean sprout, eggs & lots of dried shrimps. I found this a tad bland & not enough “wok hei”.

Claypot Fried Loh See Fun (RM 12.90)
Local style fried Loh See Fun served in pipping hot claypot. A bit too dry 🙁

Salted Egg Fried Rice (RM 15.90)

Famous Garden Chicken Satay (RM 15.90)
Big chunks of chicken satay with condiments, dip with the rich creamy nutty sauce, it’s undeniable one of the Malaysian favorite food!


Spicy Anchovies & Groundnuts (RM 15.90)
A good snack indeed!

Deep Fried Onion Ring (RM 7.90)

Dessert is a must-have at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe!! I also need to mention that it is 99% fat free Garden Sorbet Selection!! Definitely for those who are having an insatiable sweet tooth!!

Creative presentation – Served in the skin of each fruit!

Pineapple Tango (RM 13.90)

Green Apple (RM 11.90)

Lemon Zest (RM 11.90)

Orange Mango (RM 11.90)

Coconut Galore (RM 13.90)

Apart of these refreshing sorbets, cake selections from BigBoysOven also available here but we didn’t have the chance to try out it that day as they were all sold out! So, do I need to explain further how’s the taste of the cake huh… ^^

I felt relax, happy and satisfied. You can be in my shoe too by heading there for a spot of tea or a full blown meal. Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe~~

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

LG-308C, Lower Ground Floor
One Utama Shopping Center

Tel: 03-77286441
The Curve
G41, 6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03 7724 2469

Garden Lifestyle Store Café


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