Grub by Ahong & Friends @ Section 17, P.J

I know I am late to the party as this infamous eatery has always been the go-to-place for excellent steaks at affordable price tag since the past two years.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Boy, I am not disappointed!

*Side note, do you know that Grub is an internet slang for Food? That’s another interesting things that I have learnt*


Located diagonally from Tujoh Cafe, one can easily miss the shop as the signage for Grub by Ahong & Friends (Grub) is ridiculously small. (´・_・`)


The unpretentious looking ground floor dining area cum open kitchen.


The setting of dining area on upper floor is also simple and fuss-free (air-conditioned). The restaurant seem like has a decent number of seating but the demand is really high here (especially during dinner time), so it would be safer to make an advance reservation.

Note: A deposit of RM10 per person is required upon reservation. Deposit amount will be deducted from the total bill. All online reservations are for 1st floor air conditioned.

We were there for early lunch (11.00am) on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. The place was quite vacant when we arrived but filled up rather quickly and there was a constant stream of customer throughout the noon.


We were given the menu, order chit and a “love letter” from the owner Ahong to his dearest customers. (^-^*)/


The simple two page menu featuring starters (salad and fried quail only), mains (mostly beef with limited choices of poultry, seafood and pasta), sides (chips, crusty bun & butter, pomme puree, Yorkshire Pudding, ramen, roasted vegetables and salad, just to name a few), as well as desserts (cut fruits, cheesecakes, and chocolate tart).

New York Strip (RM45.00)

Beef of various cut and breed take centre stage of the menu, there are Angus Tomahawk, Wagyu Rumpsteak Picanha, Wagyu Ribeye, Awagyu Flank Steak, Wagyu Striploin, Ribeye and New York Strip.


For the price charged, this 300g of New York Strip unquestionably a very princely serving. Without being asked for the prefer done-ness for the steak, we got our meat perfectly done to a medium rare done-ness with gorgeous pinkish center. Flavour wise, the steak had a pleasurable crusty outer, tender with decent beefy richness. It was good in its own and I almost didn’t touch the served long mustard sauce.

From some articles I’ve read online, I knew that the steaks are marinated in salt, pepper and seasoning and left overnight to tenderise before being cooked sous vide style to a recommended rare or medium rare doneness.

The accompanied Jambu Ulam Salad was rather refreshing to the palate and I love the well executed potato salad! I’ll certainly place an extra order for it on my next visit.


Grilled Lamb Asian Style (RM42.00)

The dish showcased 250g grilled lamb shoulder rack with scallops on shell, vegetables, seaweeds and ramen submerged in a seafood soup. The lamb was nicely charred on the outer but slightly overcooked as I would have hoped for a tenderer meat texture. The broth was moreish and well executed


Beef Balls Marinara (RM27.50)

We got this for the kids and we were a little caught off guard when it arrived. Look at the  size of the meat balls, it’s definitely fit for a giant! The house made beef meat balls were crumbly (not the compact type) and well seasoned, generously sprinkled with shredded Grana Padano. No comment on the pasta though as I didn’t have a taste of it.


Verdict: With quite a high expectation to Grub and my dining experience was nothing less than spectacular. With such an affordable price tag, I have totally no complaint on the quality of the steak that I’ve tried (my dining companion had the Wagyu Rumpsteak Picanha and she loves it too).


Grub by Ahong & Friends

608 Jalan 17/10, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Tel: +014-607 2983

Operating Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 6.00pm to 10.30pm

                          Friday-Sunday: 11.00am to 2.30pm & 6.00pm to 10.30pm

                          (Closed on Monday)




  • Its like a hidden gem. The restaurant looks like a canteen but the food looks so nice. I once saw it appear on Ho Chiak program.

  • Was there once but have not had the chance to go back because parking there is pretty bad. Looks like the menu is different from my visit. Maybe I will go back again if my brother is OK with the parking issue. BTW was Ah Hong there when you visited?

  • This place is on my radar too but I have yet to visit. It’s because of the need to make reservations which I don’t like to do coz I like to go on the spur of the moment. And now you mention that we have to pay a deposit makes it even more cumbersome…haiz! 🙁 But from what you mentioned, does that mean they don’t take reservations for downstairs and it’s on a first come first serve basis?

  • Kris, from what I’ve read from the t&c of the reservation, yes, you can book ground floor also, just inform them when making booking.

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