Kampua Mee @ Kampung Koh, Sitiawan

Food that brings back the childhood nostalgic memories……. 


My excursion to Sitiawan a couple of weeks ago was started with comfort food of homemade Kampua Mee at Kampung Koh. Being a local boy from Sitiawan, Tee once again be out tour guide for our food hunt trip for this round. (Refer HERE for my previous trip) Our first stop was the noodles place that he has been frequented since he was a kid.

We arrived early at circa 8.15am on Saturday, the noodles place which nestled in one of kampung house in Kampung Koh was lively with patrons busying digging in and the lady boss preparing the food at her cooking station. (Waze: SJKC Uk Dih and this place is just located diagonally)


Condiments placed on every table, Kampung Koh Chili Sauce & garlic vinegar.


Dry Kampua Mee 

Priced at RM4.00 per plate, this definitely a very princely portion. I really adore the texture of the homemade Kampua Mee, springy and cooked to a perfection to give the maximum satisfaction on the bite. The soy sauce concoction was good as well, with pleasant pork lard fragrance. The Char Siew was forgettable though.


Foochow Dan Yan Noodles 蛋燕

An unique Foochow egg noodles which is made from egg and tapioca flour. It has a pleasant chewy texture and can be served with soup, stir fried or tossed in soy sauce mixture.


Wonton Soup

I also like their wonton, although the meat filling not the best I’ve tried but the wonton skin was slippery smooth and silky.


My friend also order this wonton served with Loh Mee soup. The broth was not as thick and starchy as the usual Loh Mee which was lighter to the palate. The flavour was certainly complex with savoury, sourish and sweetness lingering in your mouth. There were cabbage, bamboo shoots, wood ear fungus and egg drops in the soup. Some might skeptical of the distinctive taste and odour of the bamboo shoot, fret not, there wasn’t any.


Verdict: A very affordable meal that only small town like Sitiawan can offer but it doesn’t compromise the quality of the food. I really love the texture of both Kampua Mee and Dan Yan. Oh yeah, don’t forget to get some crunchy fried fish sticks (the item served in purple bowl in first photo, resemble Fuzuk sticks) to go with your Foochow noodles!


Kampua Mee @ Kapung Koh, Sitiawan

Waze: SJKC Uk Dih 育智华小, this place is just located diagonally.


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