Mr. Lim Korean BBQ @ Sri Hartamas

I’ve posted a status in my Facebook recently mentioned that I’ve been treated with one of the bad service at a Korean restaurant and here’s I’m going to reveal which restaurant was that! *drum rolling*

It was a casual dinner with my family on a Saturday and Mr. Lim Korean BBQ was my suggestion as Korean food always my perennial favourite. Made a reservation via phone call & I’ve reached on time with Sam while others reached after 15 minutes later. I was quite shocked once I stepped in the restaurant because the place was quite warm and the smoke emitted from the  meat grilling was wafted in the air *cough*.

I was brought to one of the long table at tatami seating area and two bottles of iced drinking water was served immediately. First impression for the service was a good one however after 10 minutes I was seated and my others family member still on their way, the Korean boss rushing me to make order with an impatient face. I have no choice but ordered a set menu for 3-4 persons @ RM 170.00+ which I thought was sufficient for my group of 6 adults (4 females & 2 males) and 4 children (3 are under 5 years old). It came with Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices), Dae Ji Gal Bi (marinated spare ribs), Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly), Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake), Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles) & Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl). The Korean boss showed a very unhappy face after my ordering as I heard his murmuring (in Korean) @_@

When my family arrived, they complaint about the ventilation problem too and at the same time the Korean boss came again to ask us for more food ordering as he told us we have to order more since we were in a group of 10 pax! This definitely my first time encountered such a condition in a restaurant! We knew that the food is more than enough for our group after we saw all the food was served on our tables and we didn’t think we should  order food that beyond our tummies can handle? However we still placed another order of Samye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) to stop the little argument with the boss and our food ended up unfinished!  ╮(╯_╰)╭

BBQ items – Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices), Dae Ji Gal (marinated spare ribs), Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly); Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake), Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles) and Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl). – See more at:


The interior ~decent but have no proper ventilation system.



The crowd which were mostly Korean.



Our tatami style seating.



FOC iced water

I’m not going to elaborate more on food as I was really not happy with the boss’s attitude.



The condiments for the grilled meats.






Kimchi and banchan ~ Oh ya, we were told by the Korean boss that we are not given refill for the banchan as our order was “under his expectation”! #wthagain





Grilled meats






Pa Jeon



Jab Chae




Samgye Tang (RM 35.00+)


Verdict: Definitely will never came back again as there are so many Korean restaurants in that area and the suck service really pissed us off not to mention the ventilation system which really need improvement. For me the service in a restaurant play an instrumental role other than the food quality to ensure a pleasant dining experience. For those who planning to make a visit, what I can say is “GOOD LUCK” as I’ve read some good reviews about this place too.


Mr Lim Korean BBQ
5G Jalan 26A/70A Primaville, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6201 6984
Business Hour:  11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm (Daily)


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