Restaurant LYJ

I’m pretty sure that you already knew what I’m going to blog today when you saw my title. Ya, it’s Pun Choy from Restaurant LYJ(李雄记酒家)!

Although the restaurant is located at a quite cryptic area of Kampung Sungai Buloh but this didn’t stop food lover from all over Klang Valley (or Malaysia?) to come over for this Big Bowl Feast.

Let’s see who came here before:-

Famous food critic from Hong Kong, Hugo Leong.

Ah Xian from one of the Astro TV program ~ Journey with Jason.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, our world champion.

Paper Cuttings

Stove was placed on our table once our seated.

Different sauces for our Pun Choy.

*Drum Rolling*

Pun Choy (RM 500.00)
Star of the night!!!! We came for this!!!
This glorious Pun Choy served in a stainless steel basin with different layers of food inside.
PS: There is less luxury version priced at RM 200++ too.

Top layer of Pun Choy. We had:-

2 big abalone.

Scallop, Fried Egg with Sharkfin

Poached Chicken


Dried Oyster

Pork Ribs, Roast Duck & Broccoli.

My 1st helping with Roast Duck, Prawns, Abalone, Fried Egg & Scallop.

My 2nd helping with Poached Chicken, Stuffed Fish (Ma Yao), Dried Oyster, Braised Pork with Chestnut which at the 2nd layer in Pun Choy.

My 3rd helping with more Fried Egg, Braised Mushroom, Braised Pork, Pork Trotter & Braised Beancurd, Braised bamboo Shoot which were all at the 2nd layer of Pun Choy.
I love the pork trotter & the braised pork, soft with robust taste from the gravy.

Steam Mantou (RM 0.90 / pcs)

After we finish ALL the food in the pot, the gravy left was the essence of the whole pot!! How can we wasted it!!! We mopped the gravy clean with plain steam mantou, no wasting here, hehe ^_^

A plate of vegetables served with the Pun Choy (FOC)

Beside the Pun Choy, other dishes was screaming for attention too.

栋笃鸡 (RM 38.00)
Literally mean “Standing Chicken”. All 12 of us nearly had our eyes popped out when we saw this! Served in such a funny way, do you think so? How to eat this? Maybe some of you will ask. Clue: We were given some plastic gloves & a scissor~~

Dissect with scissor then eat with hands 🙂
Crispy golden skin while the meat still remain the juiciness.

Pumpkin Glutinous Rice (RM 30.00)
Another dish arrived in an aesthetically manner. Flavorful glutinous rice stuffed in a whole pumpkin.

Paku with Lime Juice (RM 18.00)
My 1st time have paku pakis served cold. The accompanied lime juice made it so refreshing, best to remove guilty on over-indulging on meat in the Pun Choy >.<

It’s an awesome dinner indeed. If you want to have a splendid meal like us, don’t forget to make reservation & booking of the Pun Choy must be made at least 2 days in advance.

Restaurant LYJ PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor. Tel: 03-61402698 Business Hour: 11am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm Closed on Monday

Restoran LYJ - 李雄记酒家


  • >it was such an awesome dinner! I just love every second of the gourmet experience! Definitely be back to discover more unique dishes by LYJ! 🙂 I want to try their 10 brothers and also their specil prepared soup.

  • >the way they present the chicken is very creative and attractive~

  • >Sigh.. so shiok and addictive… hahaha!!
    Want to go back for more…

  • >that pumpkin rice is cute!!! sure a hearty one

  • >very nice pictures for the pun choy! we can see different different kind of food inside which makes us wan to try too 🙂 this is sure one famous shop..

  • >The standing chicken looks so interesting!

  • Caroline Ng May Ling

    >ohno! the pumpkin glutionous rice looks oh so yummy! 😀

  • >Poor chicken! How does the overall pun choy tastes like?

  • >The paku vege was very tasty but the Standing Chic was so so.

  • >woah, so much food! the punchoy looks luscious 🙂 as for the standing chicken, if a caucasion saw this, he'll freak! haha

  • >I've never tried pun choi before but it looks like a meal befitting an emperor.

  • >hey..Please visit my blog to claim your blog award ya!!

  • >Outer designing part would be looking too good 🙂 Great photos 🙂

  • >I think it still can't beat the Pun Choy I had in Yuen Long, Hong Kong :p

  • >nice one 🙂 with the good images in it 🙂

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  • >BBO: Too many special dishes to be discovered 🙂

    Michelle: Ya~

    Jennifer: Let's go..

    ai wei: Quite nice 🙂

    WyYv: Very famous indeed!

    Baby SUmo: Ya 🙂

    Caroline: 🙂

  • >jason: Taste is average but I love the ambiance how all o us digging for dishes inside the pot..

    Small Kucing: I love the chicken!

    sc: I bet they will like it after try the chicken 😛

    QuiRkY-Malaysia: Indeed.

    MK: Thanks~~

    Kavya: Too good to be eaten!

    Simon: Original mah, can't compare ^^

    vincent: Thanks for the invitation 🙂

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