Restaurant Wonderland Valley @ Bukit Tinggi

This most probably one of the restaurant that make me can’t wait to share with you guys. I just went there last Sunday, the photos are “pipping hot” from my camera’s memory card yo~~~

Together with my family, we were brought to Restaurant Wonderland Valley @ Bukit Tinggi by my brother-in-law last Sunday noon. This was not my first time exploring this small town near Genting Highlands, read my previous excursion HERE & HERE.


The restaurant is not difficult to locate, just drive pass the BHP petrol station in the town and you will see their signboard slightly further in.


The signboard


Drive pass the bridge that leading you to the open parking just beside the restaurant.



We were welcomed graciously by the special hosts ~ The wild boars!


The mommy wild boar



Happy wild boar family  ^__*


Get close with them ~ The wild boars are not scare of strangers and you can even feed them with bread which can buy from the restaurant. (Another side income for the restaurant owner huh and the kids can’t resist the chance to feed them, pity those parents, like me ~.~”)



Spot the goose?



Real duck VS fake duck ~~  LOL



This is the 2 storey restaurant with all al fresco seats.



Durian stall right in front of the restaurant, can you see the rack with loafs of bread on sale? 🙂



Fish tanks

Let’s stroll around the place~


A cement staircases leading to the stream below the restaurant.




Hope can dip into the water on this scorching weather =.=”



Fish pond at one of the corner, I like how this place is surrounded by trees and greenery. The airy environment is favourable for al fresco dining.



Dine under the coconut tree anyone?



There are a few tables on the mezzanine too.

This place was packed to the brim and some customers are waiting for tables although we reached after peak hour circa 2pm+.

Not sure what to order? Fret not, you can always refer to the whiteboard with some of their signature dishes written on or get recommendations from the staff.



Claypot Tilapia

Served in a huge claypot, the sizable Tilapia was free from muddy taste which is quite common detected on this type of river fish. The flesh was flaky and the savory sauce complemented the fish quite well.



Curry Piglet

Submerged in thick curry broth, the tender piglet meat was good after absorbing the flavors of the curry. Spiciness was mild but the flavors was robust.



Steamed Holland Chicken

Their special Holland Chicken was simply steamed with soy sauce and sesame oil for its original taste. Firm and without scary bits of fat underneath, eat with the mashed ginger dipping for extra kick.



Eel in Kung Po Style

The eels in bite size were slightly fried then cooked with fabulous Kong Po sauce. The strong and distinctive flavors was something really go well with white rice



Tofu with Minced Meat

This was just mediore.



Stir fried Tian Qi Leaves (田七叶)


Claypot Water Spinach

Vegetables quota met! We had the special Tian Qi leaves which was slimy and the water spinach (kangkung, YAY!!) in claypot was really spot on with crunchy bits of fried lard.

Total bill: RM 217.00 with a pot of Chinese Tea & rice for 8 adults 3 kids.

Verdict: This place definitely lure me for more visits as the food was great and the distance is not far too.


Restaurant Wonderland Valley  桃源谷美食
Lot 926, Kampung Bukit Tinggi,  28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: +6012-5691694/+6011-26002383 (Leong)


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