Ying Ker Lou

Today is 9th day of Chinese New Year, and a significant day for the Hokkien community as they will worship the Jade Emperor. You can’t missed it as you will be awaken by the long & loudest firecrackers boom the night before.

However, this entry is about the second largest Chinese community in Malaysia which is Hakka and particularly their food :-). A little sidetrack, do you know that the founder of KL, Kapitan Yap Ah Loy is a Hakka?

Ying Ker Lou, a restaurant that serves authentic Hakka food which very suit my taste bud because generally Hakka food is very dense in flavor. (salty? ^^)

Neat setting but the tables are quite cramped within the shop area at The Curve outlet.

Jasmine Tea (RM 4.00 / person – Refillable)

Cute clay teapot, love it 🙂

Appetizer (RM 3.00)
Ya, this tiny plate of braised peanut cost us RM 3.00! A bit overpriced huh >.<
White Rice (RM 2.00) & Brown Rice (RM 3.00)

Hakka Yam Abacus – 客家算盘子 (RM 17.00)
Please relate both the photo above , do they look alike ? ^^
The bead was made from mashed yam paste then shaped into abacus. Stir fried with minced meat, wood ear fungus (木耳), mushrooms, coriander & dried shrimps. Very flavorful & love the chewy texture of the “abacus”.

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables – 梅菜扣肉 (RM 22.00)
A signature Hakka dish that savoury enough to go with multiple bowls of rice. ^^ The pork belly with equal layer of fat & lean meat braised until soft, I can tell you it’s melt-in-your-mouth ~~

Braised Basil Chicken with Three Cups Sauce – 三杯土鸡 (RM 28.00)
Wonder what are the 3 cups sauce? A cup of soy sauce + a cup of cooking oil + a cup of rice wine. The tender chicken meat absorbed the flavor from the sauce, it’s very tantalizing indeed but the basil leaves make me scowling =.=”

Braised Beancurd with Prawns & Luffa in Hot Pot- 胜瓜虾仁豆腐煲 (RM 18.00)
This was mere generic & nothing to shout about.

Overall the dishes tasted very homemade just like what my mom usually cook (my mom is a Hakka moi :P) but the prices are a little steep for me.

Ying Ker Lou

Lot 138 & 139, 1st Floor, The Curve.
Tel: 03-77294229
Lot 122C, LG 2, Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03-56363322
Lot S231 & 232, 2nd Floor, The Gardens.
Tel: 03-22848480
Lot 1.03.00 & 1.04.00, Level 1, Pavilion.
Tel: 03-21481413


  • >been there once and never returned. good was nice but too much to pay for what my mom usually cooks at home 😛 im a hakka also

  • >I was there last saturday! 🙂 the food's here pretty good. They even have lui cha with cold noodles! But i do agree that it's rather expensive. Then again, it's not always that we get such an extensive menu of hakka dishes la. Me 1/2 hakka too! Happy new year to you and your family!

  • >I am Hakka too.. dad say Hakka ppl loves good food.
    however this ying ker lou not my favorite, their 算盘子 so so only. (maybe bcox my mum can do much better one)
    but i love one of their dishes – 糖醋排骨, bcox the taste is exactly the same like my grandma's cooking!
    whenever i miss my grandma, i will go ying ker lou and order tat.. =)

    Happy new year!! =)

  • >wow.. the peanuts cost RM3?? a price of nasi ayam at normal stall.. hiihi…

  • >Oh now I know what 3 cups chicken stands for!! Lol! The price is quite steep looking at the moderate portion. Perhaps not a daily affair thingy? 🙂

  • >I like Hakka Yam abacus but we usually just get it from a tai chow here for under RM10 😛

  • >I like Hakka food for their robust flavours – but usually the rice will be piling up to go with the dishes too, LOL!

  • Caroline Ng May Ling

    >my family is hakka yet seldom eat hakka foods! omg this is yummy especially the hakka yam abacus! drool!!

  • >i love Abacus! mum used to make this of us… ahhh, i miss it a lot. and long time she din make d

  • >its been a long time since i eat that yam abacus.. i love the kau yoke too!

  • >我们是客家人,但上述的菜我妈妈都不会煮:(

  • >i thought some dishes r hokkien style
    bcoz my mom always cooks, haha
    my friend said ying ke lou's foods r quite nice, must try if got chance

  • >很久没有吃客家算盘子

  • >I do know that they have set lunches on normal weekdays. That is a cheaper alternative, and the set is quite good too.

  • >Nice review~! Want to try out soon ^^

  • >xin: Haha, true also, the price was a bit steep but once a while OK lah ^^

    Nic: *High Five*, me too 1/2 Hakka (mom's side)

    Jean: Lucky you, whenever craving for it can ask mama cook~

    Cath: Ya 🙁

    Mei Yee: Definitely!

    Baby SUmo: It's hardly get abacus at Kepong area >.<

    Preglutton: Ya, that's why I like Hakka food – robust flavor just like what u said ^^

  • >Caroline: Learn to cook for your family 😛

    ai wei: perhaps due to complicated preparing process?

    reanaclaire: I can't resist kau yoke lah!!!

    michelle: Then have to eat at restaurant lor 😛

    ahdar: Hokkien?Hakka? 傻傻分不清楚?

    sock peng: Home made one ar?

    JD: Hardly go The Curve on weekday wor 🙁

    SiN P3i: Thanks~

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