Canton Kitchen @ Sunway Velocity, Cheras

It has been a long time since my last visit to Canton Kitchen and they are now expended and have total of 6 branches in both Klang Valley and Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The latest outlet is nestled in one of the hottest shopping mall in town – Sunway Velocity, Cheras.

Started in 1988 at Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Canton Kitchen prides itself in offering homecooked dishes by using fresh produce from its own farm.


Occupied a corner lot at 2nd floor of Sunway Velocity Mall, the interior of Canton Kitchen is very spacious and framed by soothing earth tone furniture as well as unique lighting.


Fruits and vegetables from their Bukit Tinggi farms are available for sale in the restaurant.


Ginger Tea & Preserved Kamquat Tea (RM9.90/pot)


Meehoon with Ginger Wine Chicken (RM22.90)

The top seller in Canton Kitchen’s menu. Served pipping in a aluminum pot with burner underneath, the vermicelli were submerged in the gingery soup with minced ginger and chopped spring onions. Chunks of tender kampung chicken completed the dish. Pour in the served along small bottle of ginger wine to amp up the overall flavors.


Benefits of Bentong Ginger.


Two types of sauces to go with the dishes: Minced bird eye chili with garlic and lime & Minced ginger with coriander.


Steamed Tapah Fish with Ginger Paste (RM55.90)

The Tapah Fish (Giant Cat Fish) chunks were steamed with abundance of minced Bentong ginger and topped with crispy fried julienned gingers. Not really fond of the taste of the ginger which was too overpowering.

Fried Crispy Pork Belly (RM22.90)

Another signature dish of Canton Kitchen which I enjoyed immensely during my last visit. The thinly sliced pork bellies were deep fried then coated with sweet savory sauce, very addictive stuff that tempted me to go for one piece after another 😛


Deep-fried River Prawns (RM69.90)

Huge fresh river prawns with firm and springy flesh were halved then slightly deep fried to retained the juiciness of the crustacean. Appetizing savory sauce with aromatic minced garlic, onions and chili sufficiently dressed on the prawns, undoubtedly a finger licking good dish. ^__^


Thai-style Fried Fish Cake (RM16.90)

Pan fried fish cake studded with herbs and spices, I wouldn’t say no to a second helping of this 😛


Meatballs with Salted Eggyolk (RM12.90)

Well seasoned minced meat balls brilliantly wrapped with salted egg yolk in the center, a sure winner with everyone of all ages. I like mine to dip with the accompanied chili sauce for that extra kick and flavors.


Fried Tian Qi Leaves with Egg (RM15.90)

Not commonly available elewhere, the Tian Qi leaves (田七叶) from their farm is a must order here. The showcases a texture similar to fresh seaweed, a little slipper and I like how they paired with fried egg. The Tian Qi leaves is said to help promoting blood circulation.


Fried Beancurd with Minced Vegetables (RM16.90)

House made tofu topped with minced meat, French beans and pickled radish.


Also don’t attempt to miss their value-for-money set meal which included Main dish + 3 side dishes + soup + steamed rice. What makes the set even better is many of Canton Kitchen’s signature dishes are part of the choices.


Guang Xi-style Stuffed Taufu Balls (RM16.90-set)

For those who prefer light flavored dishes, this iconic dish of Guang Xi cuisine of stuffed bean curd puffs certainly can please you. The bean curd puffs are stuffed with lightly seasoned meat paste then served with clear broth.


Guang Xi-style Braised Pork with Mantou (RM25.90-set)

Pork belly was braised till soft, Gloriously infused with savory “Nam Yue” (fermented red bean curd) sauce. The gravy went extremely well with rice and the served along fried mantao is great to mop up the gravy as well.


Stewed Pork Belly with Salted Fish (RM22.90-set)

Another dish that will beg for extra servings of rice! The robust taste of the salted fish, dried chilies and spring onions was as pronounced as it should be.


Verdict: Those dishes that I’ve tried here were anytime homecooked dishes that works for me. Reasonably priced and comfortable dining environment, I’m sure I will come back for more, not certainly this branch but perhaps Selayang branch which is nearer to me 😛


Canton Kitchen 老招牌
2-04 & 2-05, 2nd Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall, Jalan Cheras, Taman Maluri,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2712 3066




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