Italiannies: Festa della Pasta Promotion

Italiannies, the popular Italian-themed restaurant chain is introducing eight new pasta dishes during its Festa della Pasta promotion from now until 30 June 2013. These new pasta dishes give customers the chance to savor a selection of authentic pasta recipes which originated from the various regions of Italy.

Accompanied by soothing live music performance, we were served with light refreshments before the media review started.


Fresh lime juice



Italian Grissini


Kick started with two appetizers to whet our appetite for an exciting pasta meal ahead.

Insalata Mediterranea

Mediterranean Salad

Comprises of sliced black olives, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions, rocket and romaine lettuce served with grilled chicken breast. The vegetables were crisp and lightly accented by the tangy dressing.


Gamberi con Aglio

Gamberi con Aglio

Juicy sauteed shrimps dressed with spicy sauce of red dried chili, black olive, baby tomatoes and plenty of garlic. Served with garlic bread to soak up the robust flavored sauce and it really taste fabulous, a can’t miss if you dine in here!


Mussels & Clams Lombardi con Pappardelle

Mussels & clams Lombardi con pappardelle (RM26.90++)

Pappardelle, a wider version of fettuccine tossed with fresh clams and mussels cooked with white wine. The flavor was light and showcase the natural sweetness of the seafood thoroughly.


Tagliatelle con Salvia, Funghi e Polpettine

Tagliatelle con Salvia, Funghi e Popettine (RM22.90++)

Fresh house made tagliatelle was prepared al-dente but some of my companions found that it was slightly too hard for their liking. The pasta was sauteed with lemon and shiitake mushrooms served with meatballs, flavors were refreshing with hint of citrus-ty. The meatballs was just mediocre.


Tagliatelle con Pesto al Pomodoro

Tagliatelle con Pesto al Pomodoro (RM22.90++)

Comprised of spinach tagliatelle and plain tagliatelle served with green pesto and fresh tomatoes, garnished with grated Parmesan cheese and pine nuts. A great play on flavors, one can savor the pleasant nutty taste, luscious creamy cheesy flavor and robust taste from various herbs.


Fileja con Pomodoro e Basilico

Fileja con Pomodoro e Basilico (RM18.90++)

Fileja pasta tossed with tomato puree and cherry tomato, sprinkled with Parmesan and fresh basil. This was definitely my first time see and taste Fileja, a type of pasta that rolled by hand using a thin metal rod or skewer forming a cylinder shape.



Cannelloni (RM26.90++)

Cannelloni is a cylindrical type of pasta generally served baked with a filling and covered by a sauce, created by Chef Nicola Federico in Sorrento, Italy, this dish was originally called ‘strascinati’. The Cannelloni served at Italiannies is stuffed with spinach and artichoke filling, served with homemade marinara sauce topped with melted Mozzarella cheese and béchamel sauce.


Paccheri con Ragu

Paccheri con Ragu (RM18.90++)

Paccher to me is an incarnation of giant macaroni, coated with traditional Italian beef sauce then topped with Parmesan cheese.  The minced beef was well-braised with tangy tomato sauce rendering the attractive vibrant hue, a nicely executed pasta dish.


Tortellini con Salmone ed Aneto

Tortellini con Salmone ed Aneto (RM26.90++)

Tortellini is a type of ring-shaped pasta, sometimes also described as “navel shaped” and typically stuffed with a mix of meat or cheese. The Italiannies ‘s version was spinach and ricotta filled tossed in creamy alfredo sauce. Also crowned with generous amount of sauteed salmon, last but no least the fresh dill and capers completed the dish.


Fusilli con Spinaci ed Alfredo Sauce

Fusilli con Spinaci ed Alfredo sauce (RM22.90++)

The last pasta of fusilli was also tossed in creamy alfredo sauce paired with chicken breast and crispy fried spinach. Also spotted were crushed walnuts and chilli flakes which lead a pleasant nutty taste and light spicy heat to it.



Patrons can opted to pair your meal with wide selection of house wines.


Italian Trifle

Italian trifle

A classic Italian dessert made with layers of creamy mascarpone, lady fingers, dark chocolate powder and chocolate chips. Have a deep scoop and I can taste the flavors blended together in perfect harmony, indeed a perfect ending to my Italian meal 🙂



Participating outlets:

  • The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
  • The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
  • Empire Shopping Centre, Subang Jaya
  • Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya
  • Gurney Paragon, Penang

Lunch promotion

A lunch promotion from the Festa Della Pasta menu includes a top of up RM6 for a choice of pasta and a choice of either a salad (Insalata Verde), a dessert (chocolate brownie) or a glass of Pepsi that will be served from 11am till 3pm.

Dinner promotion

The dinner promotion from the same Festa Della Pasta menu includes a top up of RM16, for a choice of pasta, and a choice of an entrée (Gamberi con Aglio), a salad (Insalata Mediterranea) or a dessert (Italian Trifle), which is applicable for dinner service that commences 6pm onwards.

*Photos without watermark courtesy of Italiannies*

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