Dinner at Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 @ Lenggeng,Negeri Sembilan

My family trip this year took place at Mizuki Garden 水木佳园 and we settled our dinner there as well since I’ve read some goods reviews about their food. We made our dinner reservation after checked into our room to the China lady and we even pre-booked the dishes. Everything seem so fine right? but I tell you,  this was the […]

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Yummilicious Food Taste @ Tropicana City Mall ~ Oliver Deli, Chong Hwa Curry & Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

Yummilicious Food Taste @ Tropicana City Mall Round Two on 29 July 2017. Round One read HERE. Our first stop was Oliver Deli nestled in Oliver Gourmet. Offers wide variety of fresh meats, processed meat such as ham, sausages, bacon, imported premium ham, ready-to-eat food, pre-packed sauces and assorted of beverages. There is a cook-on-demand counter where shoppers can get […]

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Yen Can Cook – Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

Do you like chestnuts(栗子/板栗)? I like it very much, be it roasted, boiled or braised in a dish. I like its delicate creamy texture and the sweet nutty flavour. Chestnuts are available fresh, dried, frozen as well as cooked and ready-to-eat package just like the photo shown below.   Cooked and ready-to-eat chestnuts which can be found in supermarkets (vegetables […]

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