Product Review: Alaska 3-in-1 Coffee & Bamboo Salt Mineral Coffee

Product Name: Alaska Bamboo Salt Mineral Coffee – formulated using natural organic bamboo salt. What is Bamboo Salt? Bamboo Salt (also known as Jukyeom) originates from Korea. It was originally developed by Korean doctors and monks almost 1,000 years ago as a folk medicinal remedy for various illnesses. The Bamboo Salt is made by putting sea salt into cases made […]

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National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院 @Taipei

My Taiwan travelogue continue and today’s destination is the popular tourist spot of National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院. The Palace Museum was originally founded in 1925 in the Beijing Forbidden City, thus the word “palace” in its name. The present-day National Palace Museum moved to Taipei’s Shilin District on 1949 was to prevent desecration of those precious collection during the Chinese […]

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