Passione Ristorante Italiano @ Sri Petaling

We tend to stereotype typical Italian dishes to the likes of a sumptuous slice of pizza, a traditional dish of pasta or a sweet Gelato. However, this is simply untrue…

Italian cuisine is as diverse as can be and this is mostly as Italy is actually a young country which was officially unified in 1861. Every regional dishes has something very different from its neighboring region.

Abruzzo is located at central Italy and is truly influenced by its two different sides: the mountain and the coast. Renowned for its variety and richness due to the heterogeneity of its territory, Abruzzo’s cuisine is among the best in Italy. One of the most popular regional dishes is Spaghetti alla Chitarra which is made by pressing or cutting pasta through a a special tool nicknamed a ’guitar’, from which the name Chitarra (Italian for guitar) is derived. The pasta is served with a tomato-based sauce, often flavored with peppers, pork, goose, or lamb.

Why such a long intro in my blog? It is because yours truly has a chance to try the infamous pasta done by an Italian chef that hails from Abruzzo. Chef Stefano is inspired by his family’s cooking while growing up and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Passione Ristorante Italiano.


Located at the F&B hub of Sri Petaling, Passione Ristorante Italiano occupies a two storey corner lot which definitely has the feel of spaciousness. Large windows at the ground floor allow sufficient sunlight to bask the place and further accentuated by the hanging light bulbs that impart a yellowish hue. The space is well created with combination of mix and match of wooden and steel elements, beautiful glass panels, white brick walls, cement floor and framed art works has made this restaurant an interior design award winner.


The dining area is styled after a traditional Italian trattoria and furnished with high tables and chairs. Also featuring on this floor is the cocktail bar which is sparked with charm, the colours and lights mingle to create a really glamorous atmosphere.

One of Passione’s most eye-catching hallmarks will be its impressive wood-fired oven, where the classic pizza is re-imagined under Chef Stefano’s watchful eye. A first-of-its-kind specialty in the neighbourhood, Passione’s wood fired pizzas harken back to the age-old Italian method of making pizzas by hand and baking under high heat in brick ovens. According to tradition, this high heat of up to 400˚C allows for better heat distribution and caramelisation of ingredients which infuses a natural smoky aroma.


The space also houses an enticing deli corner, filled with premium delicacies cold cuts such as salami and parma ham, luxurious aged beef and a wide range of exquisite cheeses. 


If you think the interior design of the ground floor is enticing, walk up to the second floor you will be greeted by a stunning space that worth a good few minutes to admire.


Beautifully elegant framed by modern and sleek furniture, potted plants and ambient lighting. I especially love the rolling pins walls. 


The whole dining area is brilliantly sectioned into a few areas which includes two private “room”, divided by sheer tulle curtains. The overall ambiance modern yet cozy without being intimidating.


House Pour Wines ~ White Wine – Kasaura Trebbiano DOC 2016 & Red Wine – Cesari Adesso (RM25.00/glass)

If you are a wine lover, their house pour white wine certainly is a must! It is light on the palate and has very delicate bouquet of fruit.


Complimentary house made crusty bread with tapenade and balsamic dip.


Antipasto Di Mare (RM40.00)

Our starter was a vibrant seafood platter of grilled marinated octopus, boiled cuttlefish and prawns drizzled with lemon oil, served with fennel and orange salad. The seafood was fresh and well prepared and the grilled octopus was perfectly grilled, slightly charred on the outer with firm bite. The balsamic vinegar provided a pleasant acidic note to jazz up the overall flavour.


Chitarra spaghetti and the special pasta making tool.


Spaghetti Alla Chitarra Al Porcini (RM35.00)

Passione is proud with their signature fresh pasta made daily from scratch. Chef Stefano goes to great lengths to obtain the best ingredients that go into his famous pasta, personally overseeing the sourcing process for the dish’s wheat flour and eggs. This Chittara spaghetti lived up to its reputation with its fresh tasting flavour and cooked to al-dente texture (the ideal consistency for pasta). 

Sauteed with Porcini mushroom in brown sauce, the dish may looked deceptively simple but it was embodied in full mushroom glory. The dressing had a delightful earthiness and nutty accentuated from the mushrooms and I love the meaty and smooth texture as well as the rich moisture content of the mushrooms.


Seafood Linguine (RM35.00)

The next pasta dish was house made linguine pasta with generous amount of mussels, shrimps, baby cuttlefish, squid and clams dressed with infusion chili and garlic oil. It was a bud tickling dish with the seafood supply an invigorating flavours to the sauce but I couldn’t taste any heat.


Rolle’ Di Pollo Con Caponata Di Verdure (RM32.00)

The Chicken Roulade with a filling of honey ham and red capsicum was in good portion. The meat was still retained its juiciness but it was a bit under-seasoned. Luckily the accompanied ratatouille vegetables successfully lifted up the flavours.


Pizza Capricciosa (RM32.00)

Don’t make the mistake of skipping their signature oven baked pizza if you’re at Passione. Our pizza came with copious toppings of honey ham, artichoke, mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella and tomato sauce. The pizza was rustic with scorches of crispy edges and thin textured, the smoky aroma and flavor was simply astonishing!


Tiramisu (RM24.00)

Last but no least, the classic Italian dessert of Tiramisu to end our splendid Italian lunch. The tiramisu was spot-on with its richness from the mascarpone cheese nestled with coffee and alcohol soaked sponge fingers, completed with cocoa dust. It’s a dessert that wins many hearts all the time at an Italian meal.


Verdict: It was a satiated Italian lunch and definitely worth the drive! No hesitation in recommending this place!


Passione Ristorante Italiano

No 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

(Street parking or park at The Store right opposite the restaurant)

Tel: +603-9055 3833

Operating hours: Wed – Mon: 11.00am to 2.30pm ; 6.00pm to 11.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)





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