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I used to have severe acne problem during my teenage days. It was quite bad, and it caused acne scars/marks, open pores and dullness on my face. I really cannot estimate how much money I’ve spent to obtain my current skin condition and have to work extra hard to keep my skin in line.

As I age, my skin condition becomes more stable with only some occasional breakouts. And you think I can have a more relax life now? No! It is the time I need to fight with fine lines and freckles that slowly creep onto my face! I have numerous of skin care products that I need to apply layer by layer every morning & night to combat those terrible signs of aging ~>_<~ I don’t mind the troublesome skin care regimen if they work on my skin. But to my dismay, many are just a waste of money.

I was introduced to Laco Aesthetic Clinic by a friend recently and I managed to visit them just before Chinese New Year for consultation and treatments. I went to Laco Kepong branch which is nearest to me and there are 2 other branches located at Puchong and Berjaya Times Square. With a tagline of ‘Dare to Perfect’, Laco is one-stop aesthetic clinic providing a comprehensive range of dermatological services, gynecological and obstetrics services, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. Specific services include 3D face contouring, Korean nose reshaping, double eyelid design, breast implants, lip and chin augmentation, liposuction and micro cosmetics.


Reception and waiting area

Another waiting area

I was welcomed by the cozy ambiance and friendly staffs at the reception area of the clinic and was brought to one of their consultation room. Chloe, the beauty consultation that attended to me that day offered choices of treatment according to my needs and budget. She also provided valuable and professional advice and explanation yet without too demanding (to perform all sorts of treatments). After consideration, I decided to go for Duolite QS which is a laser treatment for removing both tattoos and deep pigmented lesions. 


One of the treatment rooms


DEKA Duolite QS system is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting two different wavelengths at 1064 nm (in the infrared) and 532 nm (green light). The main feature of this Q-switched technology is that it is able to generate an extremely powerful pulse (in MegaWatts) in exceedingly short times (in several nanoseconds – ns) to destroy the pigmented lesions; the debris will be removed via macrophage cells. Most common pigmented lesions can be removed in 1 or 2 sessions while the deeper lesions will require more treatments.


My face was thoroughly cleaned before the laser treatment and it was performed by certificated aesthetician. She gave me a short briefing of the procedure before the treatment started.


Click for video during the process of Duolite QS laser treatment.


You will be provided with protective goggles and I can feel a mild tingling sensation on my skin during the procedure. I also can sense a slight “burning” smell which is normal during the procedure according to the aesthetician.


My skin condition before the treatment – dull skin tone, open pores on both cheeks, freckles on upper cheeks and acne marks.

The pigmented lesions are divided into epidermal and dermal, depending on the depth of the pigment. Since my freckles are classed as epidermal lesions (freckles, cafè-au-lait spots, sunspots, etc.), so I was treated by using a wavelength of 532 nm. It is specifically absorbed by the melanin and acts mainly at the superficial skin levels.


See the different? The side after treatment shown a brighter skin and freckles became much lighter in colour. However it didn’t help much on open pores though.

Side view of my face after Duolite QS laser treatment.


The result after the treatment. I like how my complexion looks brighter and more radiant 🙂

The procedure took approximately 20 – 30 minutes and it’s non-invasive. The side effects are minimal, scarring and infections are unlikely and very rare. What is the down time you may ask. This is the important factor why I choose Duolite QS because it is a laser treatment with ZERO downtime since it was only less than 2 weeks to Chinese New Year. :p

One may resume the normal activities after treatment. Always use sun-block and apply moisturizer or hydrating mask to keep the skin in very moisture condition. Avoid long period sun exposure, extremes of hot or cold, saunas, steam, hot showers, and hot baths. 

Actually I also had the skin whitening drip and I’ve posted this photo in my Instagram (@choiyen). If you know me personally, you will be surprise why I need this treatment as I already have a rather fair skin. Yes, I’m blessed to have a fair skin but due to inevitable ageing process and not using sun block diligently, uneven skin tone and freckles start showing on my face.

Whitening drip helps lightened up the dark spots as well as blocking the production of melasma, resulting in fairer skin tone. It contains vitamin C and high strength glutathione to give you the antioxidant boost much needed in today’s busy lifestyle. Antioxidants will improve your defense against the ravaging of free radicals which accelerates aging.

The whole procedure took about 35-45 minutes. But of course, you can’t expect to turn into a Snow White overnight with just one drip. Get consultation from Laco to obtain your desired skin tone.


Verdict: I admit aesthetic treatments definitely a short cut to help you to restore a youthful and beautiful skin but healthy lifestyle and good eating habits also plays a big part in achieving your beauty goals!


Laco Aesthetic Clinic

8 Jalan Metro Perdana 8, Taman Usahawan Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6259 6888/6251 3533
G-27, Jalan Merbah 3, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +603-8079 0303/8079 0771
02-26, 2th floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2141 5059/2141 6059



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