Pasta Zanmai

Bored of Chinese set meal for the past Chinese New Year? How about have some Japanese food?

Pasta Zanmai at Hartamas Shopping Centre, been here a few times whenever I craved for some Japanese fusion food.

Read my previous visit here.

Equipped with small plates, chopsticks & sauces on every table.


Green Tea ~ Hot/Cold (RM 3.00++ / pax)


Nabe Tortilla (RM 23.00++)

A set consisted of spaghetti in clear soup + tortilla roll.

The noodle was cook al-dente  and the soup was light but savory enough to make me licked the pot clean 😛 Broke the onsen egg for a more creamier version of broth! The tortilla roll was equally tantalizing too, wrapped the crispy vegetables then topped with mayonnaise.  The slightly chewiness for the tortilla + crunchiness for the vegetables & the creaminess from the mayonnaise combined perfectly!

This set was all about fusion!


Unagi Onsen Rice Set (RM 19.00++)

The plate of Japanese rice was drizzled with soy sauce and topped with unagi kabayaki and onsen egg. The unagi was tender and the egg was perfectly done with runny egg yolk but I hope there is more unagi slices in my plate 😛

The salad in appetizing balsamic vinaigrette was simple but tasty enough to evoke a sigh of satisfaction.


  Pasta Zanmai Outlets:

  – Hartamas Shopping Centre (03-6201 1610)
   – Sunway Pyramid (03-7492 0710)
   – Mid Valley (03-2283 2160)
   – 1 Utama (03-7728 1210)
   – Empire Shopping Gallery (03-5637 1910)
   – Tropicana City Mall (03-7727 1020)


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