Ribs Master Challenge 2019 @ Naughty Nuri’s

“Eat faster lah”

That’s the Malaysian mantra when your mother & friends are impatiently waiting for you to finish your meal. At that time, I could not understand why we “acquire” the skill to quickly chow down your food.

That’s until I heard of Naughty Nuri’s latest and greatest competition of all time…..

Ribs Master Challenge 2019


From 1st September to 30th November 2018, diners can test their eating speed skill by ordering a rack of ribs and finish the ribs in fastest time. The fastest participant on leaderboard will be rewarded a free ribs at the respective participated outlet and the remaining challengers on the leaderboard will be entitled to ribs at 50%.

After 30th November, the top leaders from each outlet will be competed at the final showdown to go head-to-head against each other to be crowned as the Naughty Nuri’s ‘Ribs Master 2019’ and also win FREE RIBS FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR!

Outlet open for participation from 3.00pm onwards daily:-

Naughty Nuri’s @ Atria Shopping Gallery

Naughty Nuri’s @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Naughty Nuri’s @ SS15 Courtyard

Naughty Nuri’s @ Life Centre


Fastest participant of bloggers’ session Ribs Master Challenge ~ Huai Bin @ 2.15 minutes


So guys, take up the challenge if you dare!

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Naughty Nuri’s

Website: https://www.naughtynuris.com.my/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naughtynuriskl/


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