‘Santapan DiRaja’ Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner 2019 @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Vasco’s at Hilton Kuala Lumpur welcomes the month of Ramadan 2019 with a sumptuous feast themed ‘Santapan DiRaja’ featuring regal favourites of the royal families of Perak, Melaka, Johor and more. To heighten up the mood, the dinner is accompanied by live Silat and Gamelan music performances.


Always steal the limelight in every Ramadan buffet certainly the roasted whole lamb. Vasco’s Marinated Roast Of Lamb With Spiced served with Briyani Rice was as good as it looks. The lamb was well marinated and full of flavours, make your you don’t miss this!


Appetizers such as ulam ulam, assorted of kerabu as well as the salad bar to kick start your meal.


These beautiful chilled crayfishes on seafood on ice station definitely a sight to behold!


Familiar delight of variety of curries and hot dishes such as Tiger Prawn Cooked With Tomato And Chili Paste, Stuffed Squid with Minced Seafood Serve With Coconut Gravy, Braised Lamb Rib with “Munggai” Bean, Stir Fried Mussel with Black Pepper and Long Bean, Local Sea Snail Cooked With Spicy Pounded Chili and many more.


Pasembur Kota Lama brimming with ingredients of prawn fritters, fish cake, bean curd, potato, cucumber, sweet turnip and bean Sprout serve with sweet potato gravy.


Bamboo Skewered Chicken


There were also live stations where the diners can have the freshly prepared food.

Char Kway Tiao with cockle, prawn, beansprout and chives.


Gulai Clay pot with choices of beef vain, beef stripe and roasted beef.


Assorted of seafood of fishes, mussels, prawns, crabs, squid and clams as well as vegetables cooked with Tom Yum or Asam gravy.


Mee Rebus


The Indian corner with pipping hot Roti Canai, Naan, chicken Tandoori, lamb kebab, Mutton Vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry, Channa Rejala and others.


The Western food corner was filled with soups, pizzas, pasta, breads and pastries.


The dates tower.


The desserts spread at Vasco’s is nothing short of spectacular. From the local delights of Lepet Pisang, Tapai Pulut, Kuih Ankoo, Bingka Ubi, Kuih Lapis, Kuih Seri Muka, Talam Ubi, Kuih Koci, Pulut Inti, Bubur Cha Cha, to the western desserts such as Marble Cheese Cake, Hazelnut Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and Mango Pudding, just to name a few.


Fresh fruits, Ice Cream ‘Potong’,  Teppanyaki Ice Cream, Apam Balik, ABC and Tau Foo Fah also part of their extensive spread of dessert at Vasco’s 


The beverages counter was filled with choices of Teh Tarik Panas, Nescafé Tarik Panas, Air Sirap Selasih, Iced Soy Bean, Iced Sugar Cane, Longan Sea Coconut, Winter Melon Longan and Iced Mango Juice.


‘Santapan DiRaja’ Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner is available from 5th May – 4th June 2019 from 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Price: RM188 Nett (Adult) & RM100 Nett (child ages 6-11 years old).



Lobby Level, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

3 Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2264 2264

Website: http://life.hiltonkl.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiltonkl/



  • Wah seh! So much fantastic food! I won’t know where to start. So fast Hari Raya is coming already.

  • Datin Angeline Nathan

    We attended the ‘Santapan di Raja’ buka puasa dinner at the Hilton for mother’s day. For everyone’s information ‘Santapan di Raja’ means a food spread meant for a King. Unfortunately it was nowhere close to what a King would have. The food spread was awful, replenishment was very slow, the place was congested because it was filled with additional chairs and tables to draw as many people as possible. It was so hot that it made us very uncomfortable. We couldn’t enjoy the meal because the spread was unattractive and placed haphazardly, plus most of the items were not properly labelled. Have been to other Ramadhan buffets, in comparison, this was the worst. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I was always a fan of the Hilton name, I think that the F&B standard here has dropped immensely.

    • Datin Angeline, so sorry to hear about bad experience and I think they really need to do something to maintain their food and service quality.

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