Silks Palace at National Palace Museum 故宫晶华 @ Taipei

Our visit of National Palace Museum was followed by a sumptuous lunch at Silks Palace at National Palace Museum 故宫晶华. Silks Palace, located in the grounds of the National Palace Museum (NPM), adjacent to museum’s Administrative Building to the west of the main exhibition hall. Amid the lush green surroundings,the building is impressive in sight with facade of great curtain […]

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National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院 @Taipei

My Taiwan travelogue continue and today’s destination is the popular tourist spot of National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院. The Palace Museum was originally founded in 1925 in the Beijing Forbidden City, thus the word “palace” in its name. The present-day National Palace Museum moved to Taipei’s Shilin District on 1949 was to prevent desecration of those precious collection during the Chinese […]

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North Gate (北门),Futai Street Mansion (抚台街洋楼北门), Discovery Centre of Taipei 台北探索馆& Zheng Kee Pork Knuckle 郑记猪脚@ Taipei

Taipei’s 132-year-old Beimen, or North Gate 北门, formally called the Cheng-En Gate 承恩门 is located at the intersection of Zhongxiao West Road 忠孝西路, Yanping North Road 延平北路, Zhonghua Road 中华路, Yanping South Road 延平南路 and Bo’ai Road 博爱路 in Zhongzheng District 中正区.   There are five historic city gates in Taipei: the East Gate, West Gate, South Gate, Little South […]

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