Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls @ Subang Parade

Marvel Universe is the talk of the town now as the hype for Endgame is true and near (Games Of Thrones fans might disagree 🙂 ).

If I were to describe Dim Sum as Marvel Superheroes, I would choose “The Guardian of Galaxy”. Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket, and Groot which are all different personalities, but functions well as one team. There’s a lot of individuality to all these heroes, but they all come as one to the dining table to serve up a lot of nice flavours for us. That’s sum-up the uniqueness of Dim Sum, where it comes in various flavours and varieties.

If it isn’t enough for us folks at Klang Valley, imagine Dim Sum with Thai delights served at one single location. Well, Dodo Dim Sum is the kind of “hero” that entered the scene lately with these combo. It is also pork-free for those who wished to have the Muhibbah spirit in “berbuka puasa” with your Muslim friends in the coming Ramadan.


Located on LG floor at Subang Parade, Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls has a very attractive facade with vibrant mural which is hard to be missed for passers by. The exuberantly coloured and cheerfully stylish setting definitely drawn some winning points for the restaurant.


Prepared by Sifu Lee and his team, the meticulously handcrafted Halal Dim Sum selection on the menu are sufficient to please any Dim Sum lover. From the classic Har Gao (prawn dumpling), Siew Mai (meat dumpling), Char Siew Bao (honey BBQ chicken bun), to the Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle rolls), porridge and assorted fried sim such as Crispy Prawn Rolls, Frispy Mashed Taro Pie (Wu Kok) and Golden Salad Prawn.


Har Gao Prawn Dumplings (RM10.50)


Minced Meat Dumplings with Green Chives & Siew Mai Dumplings (RM9.50)


Traditional Homemade Lo Mai Kai (RM9.00)

Scored marks in terms of flavour and texture, well seasoned soft glutinous rice with generous amount of chicken pieces and big mushroom.


Charcoal Custard Buns with Salted Egg (RM9.50)

Served pipping hot with molten salted egg yolk filling, perfectly executed!


Spicy Chicken Feet (RM9.00)


Fried Radish Cake “DODO” Style (RM14.00)

I highly recommend this and it got so much praises from everyone that evening. Full of “wok hei” which was the “essence” imparted by the hot wok during stir frying. The flavour was just spot on, smoky, spicy and savoury, with delicious bits of omelet and “Chai Poh” (salty preserved radish)


Chee Cheong Fun with Honey BBQ Chicken (RM10.00)

Other filling available are Prawn (RM12.00) & Cod Fish (RM18.00)


Woh Tip with Shredded Ginger and Vinegar (RM9.50)


Crispy Mashed Taro Pie (RM9.00)