The Hermitage @ Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

There are more and more eateries emerge within the Plaza Arkadia, which is a good news for those who staying nearby, includes me! \(^ω^\)

I quite adore the environment and ambiance of this commercial area located in Desa Park City neighboorhood with shops, offices and SOHOs featuring unique design concept that integrates British colonial architecture with a contemporary twist and modern architecture. There are supermarket (Village Grocer), cafes, restaurant (Korean, Western, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai), pubs and lounge, kids gym, beauty salons, clinics, bank and pharmacies.


I was first attracted by The Hermitage’s turquoise facade every time I passed by the cafe and hubby’s suggestion to have breakfast here one fine Sunday was met with instant approval.


The interior of The Hermitage is cozy and simple, mixture of benches and normal table and chair seating are available.


Beverage counter with several cakes and pastries on display.


The pet-friendly al-fresco area facing the walking street.


Long Black (RM10.00)


The food menu comprises of breakfast (both sweet and savoury), salads, soups, pastries, sandwiched and burgers.

Scramble Egg Toast (RM18.00)

From the Childhood Cravings section, Sam opted for scrambled egg on toast with chicken sausage. Served along with small bowl of baked beans, the portion of the dish was small and the toast tasted like those common store bought breads. For the price charged, I would really hoped for a more “artisan” version of bread or bun. Scrambled egg was decent though, moist and nicely done.

Other options are Young Guest Favourite (kid’s version of Big Breakfast)Mini Slider, Spaghetti (finally Sam willed to try something else other than this            d(・∀・○).


Egg Benedict (RM28.00)

There is a whole page of egg dishes being featured in the menu such as Cheesy Egg Roll (RM32.00), Picnic Egg (RM35.00), Baked Egg (RM26.00), Red Bull Eyes (RM28.00), just to name a few.


Another overpriced dish with description on the menu sound like this:- poached duck egg on English muffin, home cured duck bacon, onion slaw, vanilla Hollandaise and summer vegetables. 

First of all, I couldn’t differentiated the taste of the duck egg and chicken egg, so no comment of this. But they were expertly cooked with beautiful molten egg yolk as well as the home cured duck bacon, they are delicious. The vanilla Hollandaise, I merely tasted any vanilla flavour in it. Do you guys think that fried oions and shredded carrots are onion slaw and summer vegetables? (⊙_◎)


Granola (RM15.00)


From the Energy Booster section. there are other choices such as Grandma’s Yogurt (RM15.00), Muesli (RM15.00) & Oatmeal Porridge (RM15.00).


Ok, I try to not being too criticism but this granola was nothing out of ordinary too.        (´・_・`)

For patrons who visit The Hermitage after 11.00am, Late Breakfast series such as Lobster and Blue Swimmer Crab (RM38.00), The Hermitage Club Sandwich (RM28.00), Beef Burger (RM32.00), Salmon N Chips (RM32.00)might be your choice.


Verdict: Sad to say that, this place certainly wouldn’t make it to my list of good breakfast place. The food was less satisfying and the portion was somewhat smaller and less compatible to the price.


The Hermitage

F-G-7,Plaza Arkadia,Persiaran Residen 3, Jalan Intisari, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2715 8715

Operating Hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm, daily



  • Ah, too bad this was a disappointment 🙁 Duck egg yolks are much richer and creamier. I love it.

  • When I saw the pics of the food, I had the same conclusion as you. They look so ‘pedestrian’ (like something we’d assemble at home) and not befitting the prices charged. No wonder they garnered such a low rating…with many complaining about the air-conditioning too (I won’t like the hot and stuffy atmosphere).

  • Can i know this all comments is your personal feedback? Before u write this so called food reveiw have to inform the restaurant?

  • Are u sure the scramble egg served with baked beans? I strongly believe you are using old photos that u get from somewhere, cant be happens during March 2019, and u show the restaurant empty inside and outside, so are try to misleading the rest ?

    • Yap Kim Hon, thank you for your comments and all my food reviews are based on my personal experience during my visit and I took all the photos by my own. If I take photos or info from somewhere, I’ll definitely will include the source.
      FYI, my visit to this cafe was on Oct 2018, and I didn’t mention I visited on March in my post too.

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