Work 31 Shop @ Taman Usahawan Kepong

Let’s the adventure continue, trying out breakfast / brunch spot around my vicinity! My next brunch excursion had me at Work 31 Shop located at Taman Usahawan Kepong, one of the establishment that offers all-day-breakfast at neighboring area, other options are The Morning After & Rondaevoo @ Activo Plaza.





Work 31 Shop incorporates a mixture of black and raw cement wall furnished with contemporary styles furniture. The back segment of the cafe was rather dim with only a few light bulbs illuminated the place.

PS:I was there after Halloween hence the spooky decors.



The front section on the other hand was brighter thanks to the huge glass windows. The ambiance is simple but comfortable and I like the tables were not too cramped within the space.





Part of their menu.



Pressed Orange (RM 6.90+) & Cafe Latte (RM 7.90+)



Big Energy Breakie (RM 16.90+)


Hubby had his usual breakfast platter which consisted of 2 eggs (choice of sunny-side-up or scrambled egg), chicken sausage, chicken ham, beef bacon, grilled tomato, stir fried button mushroom, hash brown, baked beans, toast and salad. Portion was incredibly large for the price tag and definitely can fuel up the tummy. Flavors were pretty standard but everything was executed well, no complaint at all.



Super Club Panini (RM 11.90+)


The food portion here unequivocally fit a big eater (like myself :P). My choice of Super Club Panini came with a huge homemade panini generously filled with tuna, chicken ham, cheese slice, vegetables, bechamel and BBQ sauce. The panini was slight crust on the outer with fluffy and not too chewy inner which was a ideal substitute of usual toast. A colourful garden salad served as side.



Scrambled Egg & Ham Bagel (RM 9.90+)

We ordered this for Sam but the portion was over sufficient for a 6 years old girl ^__^


Chicken ham, scrambled egg and vegetables sitting on halved bagel spread with cream cheese. The scrambled eggs were smooth and buttery, forming a perfect couple with the savory chicken ham.



Verdict: Our dining experience at Work 31 Shop wasn’t bad at all but not entirely amazing either as the food lack of “wow” factor that lure us for second visit.



Work 31 Shop

31, Jalan Metro Perdana 2, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-62433987


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