>Bazaar Ramadhan – TTDI

>Must post this entry before end of Ramadhan month ~.~(if not it will be “old newspaper”… haha) Traffic REPORT:Cars & ppl covering the whole bazaar alleys Assortment of dates Indian kuih Otak-otak Keropok Lekor – Crispy ~~ Cucur Ayam Percik “Hill” :-p Raja Murtabak(he requested me to retook the photo with him inside :P) Kebab Nasi Goreng & Ayam Goreng […]

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>Ali Cafe

>Explore a new place for food again ~.~ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.If not mistaken Ali Cafe is a brand of coffee established in Malaysia, do correct me if I wrong 😛 Ice Coffee – RM 6.00 Pitaya Fruit Juice – RM 5.00Pitaya = Dragonfruit. Look like bandung huh, I think they add some milk to it. Ali Chili Chicken Rice […]

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